Projecting my act/sat scores

Hey guys, so I have taken the SAT/ACT freshman year (for some gifted program thing), but I haven’t taken any so far recently. Is there any way to extrapolate these scores?

SAT (grade 9): 1370 (650 ERW, 720 M) → Target: 1550+ this year
ACT (grade 9): 29 (29 E, 34 M, 29 R, 24 S) → Target: 34+ composite this year

How long ago was Freshman year - one or two years?

I doubt there’s any statistically valid way to project with data that I’ve seen available. I’ve seen percentile breakouts by 11th and 12th grade, maybe 10th, but not 9th or earlier (other than CTY/TIP which aren’t representative samples. And those are typically 7th and 8th graders).

Your scores are probably in the upper percentile or so, and it gets hard to predict in that range.

I’d say your target scores are certainly possible (my D went from 1380 to 1560 from early 7th to late 8th grade) but not likely (simply due to the rarity of 1550+ scores).

@manma11. I can give you what my own son’s progression was with standardized testing which may or may not give you a guide.

PSAT (Oct. grade 10: 1390 (660 ERW, 730 M) → timed Practice SAT at home September Junior Year 1530 (750 ERW, 780 M)

Timed Practice ACT at home (April of grade 9): 30C (33 E, 30 M, 29 R, 27 S) → Actual ACT September Junior Year 35 C (35 E, 34 M, 34 R, 36 S)

My son ended up never taking an official SAT because he was done after his initial ACT (He preferred the ACT as well). He spent most of the summer after 10th grade and early 11th grade preparing for the SAT spending 10-15 minutes a day on Khan Academy working on his weaknesses and took 4 practice tests (1480, 1480, 1500, and 1530). He took 2 practice ACTs (33 and 33 but with different results that superscored to a 35). He liked the ACT format better and being 1 and done by September of his junior year was a blessing with his heavy schedule. Good luck on reaching your standardized test scoring goals.

hello @RichInPitt and @ChangeTheGame , thank you so much for the information! I am currently a junior, and I took the febuary ACT, which came out to be a 33 (35E, 32M, 34R, 32S). Happy it came to a 33, but I’m going to take the SAT to get a better score.