Prospectice Engineering School Chances.

<p>Florida Resident. White, Male.</p>

<p>3.65-3.7 UW GPA
4.0 W GPA
Rank: 49/260</p>

<p>IB School. Ranked top 50th by USNEWs.</p>

<p>All honors/1AP/dual enrollment classes (could not take many AP's due to CC classes)</p>

<p>SAT: 570 CR, 640 Math, 570 Writing.
Expect a 1800 before applying.</p>

<p>***AA degree before high school graduation. 60+ credits with advanced courses such as General Chemistry W/ Lab and General Physics W/ lab INSTEAD of College Physics and Chem.</p>

<p>***Community College GPA: 3.8</p>

<p>AP Score. AP Macroeconomics: 3</p>

- *Eagle scout, Boy scouts, 5+ years as patrol leader, community service things in here. [9,10,11,12]
- JROTC- [11,12]
- Civil Air Patrol [10,11,12]
- Varsity Letter in wrestling, made it to regional 1A championships. [10,12]
- JV Wrestling [11]
- Varsity Track [10,11]
- Community Service at Library. 75+ hours. [10,11]
- Honor Roll [10,11,12]
- Sons of the American Revolution Club [12]</p>

<p>Schools applying to: (in order to how bad I want it)
- University Of Florida (legacy,in-state) (first chioce)
- US Air Force Academy
- Purdue University
- Georgia Tech. University
- University of Southern California
- Penn. State. University
- Rutgers (probably wont apply but just wondering)</p>

<p>I will be applying for engineering and then joining AFROTC. I also will be applying as a transfer for schools who will accept my credits and will be applying to schools who dont as a freshmen.</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>


<p>University Of Florida--Match
US Air Force Academy--Slight Reach (and you need a recommendation from a Congressman)
Purdue University--Match
Georgia Tech. University--Slight Reach
University of Southern California--Slight Reach
Penn. State. University--Match
Rutgers--Safe Match</p>


<p>If you in fact will have an AA degree, I do not believe your HS record and SATs will be relevant for UF admission, and you should have a pretty good chance.</p>