PSAT 2006 - State, cutoff scores for National Merit, Hispanic, or Achievement

<p>Share 2006 information regarding the cutoff scores for National Merit, National Hispanic or National Achievement by state. Please make sure you include the state, since the cutoff scores are state specific.</p>

<p>This information will not be available until August or September.</p>

<p>My counselor told me the Colorado NM cutoff was 213. Maybe she was talking about last year's though? I don't know, she's not a very good counselor.</p>

<p>The only information currently available is the cutoffs for the class of 06. You can probably figure that the cutoff will stay the same or rise slightly.</p>

<p>I live in NJ and the last I heard, the cut-off was 222. I scored 228, so I'm happy. I don't know about where you live.</p>

<p>The cutoff will pretty much be last year's cutoff +/- 2 points. No big deal.</p>