PSAT survey on difficulty for both Oct 18 and Oct 21

<p>Not too difficult for Oct 21</p>

<p>Oct 21 would've been easier if i had thought out the math on 3 of the problems. The reading...i dunno</p>

<p>I felt the math was alot easier then I expected. Reading comp on the other hand seemed a lot harder.</p>

<p>Oct. 21 -- Pretty easy overall, but I thought the CR section was hard.</p>

<p>oct. 21
math was ok but i did bad on the reading english in general</p>

<p>oct 18th
writing was incredibly easy
math..easy overall, mostly logic, a few tricky ones
critical reading, not hard at all but some of the answers are arguable</p>

<p>Oct 18</p>

<p>Some of the critical reading questions were pretty hard, and I didn't finish the last 2 problems. Writing was easy, and math was even easier.</p>

<p>Oct 18 - Math and writing very easy; critical reading difficult.</p>

<p>Oct 21- the math was really easy but i felt the Cr was harder than last time</p>

<p>oct 21 - math was easy, some tricky; CR - hard, if you weren't big on vocab you could get a whole bunch wrong</p>