Psh, Someone totally dissed me today when they questioned my chances for SUNY Bing.


<p>Suny Bing
GW University
Northeastern? Possibly
Also thinking about Pace Honors and Cuny Honors as financial safeties (likely to receive sweet merit aid from them)</p>

<p>Wesleyan (I really like this one)
Boston U</p>


<p>no rank (I'm top 2-3%, though), UW GPA: 94ish, Weighted GPA: 97ish</p>

<p>Advanced Placement: 2005-6 Chemistry/US History/Language
2006-7 Calculus BC/Physics /French/Literature/European History
Basically, most rigorous courseload possible with a ton of art/design/fashion electives. </p>

<p>The only B I'll ever have is in AP Chemistry... 89 approx. final grade...</p>

<p>SATS: 2200, W: 730, R: 760, M: 710
Going to retake in October
I got a 750 on US History SAT II. </p>

<p>Newspaper: 9-12 (Editor in Chief 12, Editor 11)<br>
Human Rights: 10-12 (Vice Pres. 12, Treas. 11)<br>
Gay Straight Alliance: 10-12 (Founder, President)<br>
Color Guard: 9-12 (Captain 11-12)<br>
Enviro Club: 9-12 (Sec. 12, Vice Pres. 10-11)<br>
Literary Magazine: 10-12 (Editor 11-12)
French Club: 9-12 (Treasurer 12)<br>
National Honor Society: 9-12 (Member)</p>

Internship at garment/fashion company, design assistant</p>

<p>Instructor, Jim Smith Karate, 2004-present: teaching kata, kiso, sparring, and basic drills.</p>

<p>Babysitter, 2003-present: care of several children under five in the neighborhood.</p>

<p>Subbacultcha, Online boutique, 2004-2006: sold original art, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and reconstructed vintage clothing to customers in the US, Canada, and UK. Included publicity, website design, product design and production, photography, sewing, mailing, and billing. </p>

<p>Cashier, A&P, 2005: register, returns, customer service, top seller of Jerry’s Kids donations for muscular dystrophy. </p>

<p>Web design company, 2000-2003: designed websites for music education programs, independent record labels, personal websites, and resumes. Graphic design, DHTML, CGI and PHP script installation, and consulting.</p>

<p>Volunteer for Chinese school (TA), going to do a self-defense workshop, volunteered for a thrift store, going to do a lot of volunteer work for a community center this summer, organized various charitable function/fundraisers/coat drives. </p>

<p>Summer: CTY for three years in writing courses, got into a selective chemistry summer camp. (random, eh?)</p>

<p>Random awards... National Merit Commended, some departmental awards, was in Destination Imagination and got to States many, many years ago. I might just leave out the date and put it in. Bad idea?</p>

<p>My most meaningful extracurricular is my Gay Straight Alliance involvement, which I've done the most work for. I'm also going to start a new nonfiction collective on diversity and hopefully also fundraise for underfunded schools as well, being that it's a nice combination of my interests. (I love design and writing!)</p>

<p>I'm a little confused about myself and this whole "passion" thing.</p>

<p>BTW, I'm an Asian female from Westchester New York.</p>

<p>you will be in at bing in the blink of an eye, whoever questioned that seriously knows nothing about admissions.</p>

<p>being asian will help you at some schools and hurt at others. you should also easily be in at gwu and nu. cuny honors is very competitive... i live in nyc and saw overqualified applicants turned away this year because its become so popular.</p>

<p>the other five you listed are uber selective, so i dont want to try to even guess at that. i think you have the best shot at pomona, especially coming from new york. the rest are up in the air, but i don't think you're blown out of the water at all :)</p>

<p>bump? I'll just throw in I'm hopefully getting my black belt in October... if that means anything.</p>