Psychology Majors....

<p>hey all psych majors</p>

<p>can you guys please write your stats, what schools you applied to and if you heard from them.</p>

<p>To start with</p>

<p>GPA 3.9

<p>GPA 3.8something, may end up 3.9
The College of New Jersey, Monmouth University
Got into TCNJ, still waiting on Monmouth.</p>

<p>How competitive is the psych major in transfer admissions? Is it easier to get accepted as a transfer student as a psych major as opposed to other majors? I'm a psych major myself with a 3.78 from an LAC (Carleton College) and I've applied to a few larger institutions. I just hope that my chances of acceptance will not be lowered by being a psych major. Good luck to you all.</p>

<p>aebeys: you will get into all of those hands down... ucsb takes you if you have a 2.8, davis usually a 3.1-3.2, sd is 3.5, LA will be around a 3.8-3.9, and UCI your in, but dont go there it sucks...</p>

<p>Lawrence Mak
Psychology is very competitive nowdays. You need to have at least 3.5 GPA to be competitive(for UC's) so yo are good. Just keep up the grades</p>

<p>Good luck</p>


<p>why do you say UCI sucks? are you serious? well my first choice is UCLA but if i don't get in, i was planning to go to UCI
i am scared for UCLA because i have 2 friends with 4.0 GPA(twins) who got rejected from UCLA but got in to Harvard.</p>

<p>Can you tell me why UCI sucks?</p>

<p>Cognative Science (at cmu this is the focus of the whole psych dept) / Symbolic Systems major</p>

<p>Currently at CMU, applying to stanford, my stats are on the stanford transfer thread. Not till late may do I hear.</p>

<p>aebeys, did you happen to go to carlsbad high?</p>

<p>no went to Grant High, currently at LAVC</p>

<p>im also a psych major
I have a 3.1 :( :(</p>

<p>i applied to Davis, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Irvine, and Merced (Interest order)</p>

<p>I already heard from Santa Cruz and Merced (accepted)</p>

<p>ely-113 don't worry about it to much, i am sure you'll get in</p>

I really want to get in... I will cry for the rest of the semester if I dont get accepted. Honestly I dont know anything about the other universities I applied to. I am only interested in Davis... I visit their website everyday!!</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> :)</p>

<p>neuroscience! woohoo!</p>

<p>oh sorry. 4.0.</p>

<p>man...i knew i should have picked like.....history.....(no offense to you history majors =D).....instead of all you crazy psychology ppl! Too much competition! >_< but and my love for mind games...</p>

<p>hey sorry, I didnt mean to say that Irvine is a bad school when it comes to academics, but over all it is just not a fun school. It does not have the college feel to it, and everyone commutes to school. College is not only academics, its also a place to make some great friends and have a life.</p>

<p>one of my friends got in to UCSB as a psych major today so i guess they are starting Psychology majors</p>

<p>do you know your friend's stats?</p>

<p>im nervous</p>

<p>3.5 GPA completed IGETC and all major requirements</p>

<p>ely_113 have you done all of your major requirements and the GED?</p>

<p>Yes, i did the IGETC, the lower division (assist), I did the ones mentioned for Davis,
what is GED? the general education? is it the same as the IGETC?</p>

<p>yeah it's the same. One of the reps from my school told me that if you completed the IGETC and the major requirements, you have a better chance.
is 3.1 your cumulative GPA or the major requirements GPA?</p>