Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96

Oh I don’t care either, I just find it bizarre. And let me change my sentence to “ANYONE on the planet” has to bow to the monarch. Just as strange. I do not want to bow to anyone! Other people may be my superior at work, or may be older than me, but no one is superior to anyone else just by accident of birth IMHO.

The scene in The Queen when they are told to never turn their backs to the Queen (and then shuffle backwards out of the room) really illustrates this. Why should one mortal have such deference?


Interesting, the person who claims not interested in monarchy is watching The Queen. I never watched The Queen, The Crown, or anything like that. Honestly, I didn’t watch Princess Di on her wedding day either.


That hasn’t changed…

Having a preordained destiny to be king one day is pretty constraining for anyone…as is actually being king!

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Thanks for the recommendation. I found it available on Amazon Prime. It was very interesting as it picks up right after the Queen’s funeral so it’s almost a continuation of what we have been watching on TV for the past two weeks.

The original play was produced in 2014 and the movie was released in 2017. There are some real life events that have happened since then that movie describes very accurately. It’s almost prescient.


I thought that the queen’s funeral was very nice.


Are you referring to me? I am not a royal watcher, did not get up early to watch weddings etc. As I said, I think the whole idea that someone is superior just by accident of birth is bizarre.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy an entertaining movie and Helen Mirrin is always a delight to watch.


I am fascinated by the sheer logistics of the funeral and processions. That coffin was moved at least 6 times with a full procession, pomp and circumstance. That was a lot of planning and practice. I didn’t see one thing go wrong. I was waiting for a horse to buck and the Imperial Crown fall off the casket or something. I’m sure there was a snafu somewhere (one of the casket guards fainted) but I didn’t see a hair out of place. Amazing

And then my mind started traveling to ‘when do they go to the bathroom?? Is someone giving them snacks and water between all this? Is the Royal Family dodging horse poop behind that casket?’ :joy:


They got takeaway on the way to Windsor. Camilla loves her fish and chips.


I was guessing there was a full catered spread in the cars

At the very least, a nice crudite board. Oh wait, Dr. Oz wasn’t there.


It was beautiful and certainly well orchestrated.

I personal was obsessed with “how do alllll these folks disband?”. For example, when they got to the arch (in London), where did everyone in the procession go? I have visions of our town’s memorial day parade where everyone just… leaves… randomly disperses…And walks back to their car? :laughing:

Ritual is more important to human beings around death than at any other time. This was magnificent ritual.


I was waiting for something to go amiss as well and it never did.

The feed I was watching jumped as the scepter and crown were removed from the casket in St. George’s Chapel. So I thought maybe it was a close secret how the crown etc were attached to the casket. I found the removal part of the ceremony here See the moment Queen Elizabeth II's crown jewels are removed from her coffin - CNN Video If you look at the pillow that the crown was on, after the crown was removed, you can see that there was a crown-shaped protrusion on top of the pillow that helped secure the crown.

I’m amazed at how the UK handled this security nightmare. We got off the train at Kings Cross station and asked a security guard for directions, he replied that he didn’t know as this was his first day. The premier league Football around London was cancelled as all their security was sent to handle this. As far as I’m aware their were no issues.

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The Bidens were late, so they just kept filling in that section and the Bidens got seats farther back than expected I think (although still on the end, I’m sure for security). It reminded me of planes on an aircraft carrier - if they can’t start, just push them off the deck. Maybe something similar was happening with seats, horses, out of step marchers. I know they asked the crowds not to throw flowers but a few still did and they dealt with it.

I noticed that Princess Charlotte, I think Eugenie and one other person (Lady Louise?) seemed to leave Westminster Abbey down the short aisle (behind them as they sat) and not go out in the big recessional? I was thinking Princess Charlotte was done for the day, but no, maybe she just needed a break before the long drive for part II? But if so, it was obviously planned. She did great for a 7 year old.

I saw that the Orb on the casket had a pin thing on the bottom, securing it to the pillow. The scepter also had to be ‘released’ in some way.

Charles looked exhausted. I really thought he was going to cry when they played God Save the King. I’m glad the Queen never abdicated, but I can see where it would have been easier on him to become King at a time other than when his parent dies.


I agree. I felt sorry for him and sympathy for any monarch who loved their parent deeply. It would be exciting for many of them (not all of course) to be the king or queen, but how awful it must feel to have that “guilt” that the only way it happened is the death of your beloved parent. I guess it’s a good thing the coronation comes later, so maybe they can enjoy it then. I’m assuming they will still do that.

That is why Queen Elizabeth always stayed at Balmoral until after the anniversary of her father’s death. Her world changed in an instant.

If you went back in time to see Doc Brown conceive of the Flux Capacitor, Queen Elizabeth II was queen of England.

If you jumped in the Delorean to go 60 years into the future and see Marty ride a hoverboard, Queen Elizabeth II was queen of England.

She was last of what seemed to be constant in my lifetime, outlasting Gaddafi and Castro.