Queen Mary University

Hi there,

I’ve recently been admitted to Queen Mary University of London. Does anybody here have any experience with their political science major at qmul?
How’s life in general at qmul?

You’ll get more- and better!- feedback on the UK website the student room (all one word). Your fellow first years (2016, b/c UK unis use year of entry, not year of completion) have their own thread on the site, called (creatively) “Queen Mary University 2016”

Althoug I guess that’s true, I don’t want to sign up for another platform. CC is enough, I guess.
I will apply for some US colleges too, the UK colleges are only my safeties :slight_smile:
My next question would be, which one is better, qmul or us colleges like George Washington University, NYU, Southern California, etc.?

By rankings, QMU would be well behind NYU, a bit behind SoCal and ahead of GWU. HOWEVER, if you are serious about polisci, imo, GWU is the best bet for the overall potential of what you graduate with. If you work at it, you can graduate with a BA from GWU with a solid, meaty drool-worthy cv of meaningful internships and work experiences from top organizations / companies. It doesn’t happen by magic, but the opportunities trump even NYU in those terms.

The area where the main campus is the worst I have ever seen in the UK. Given that it’s such a safe country nearly everywhere else, that really put me off so I didn’t apply there in the end. It does have a very good reputation for academics though.