Quest Scholars 2005

<p>Yes, this is the program that parallels RSI in prestige. I want to make this the official Quest Scholars thread. There must be ppl out there who are interested/have applied to this program. We can just share our thoughts, give feedback and talk about the program until admissions decisions are made. So I'll start, who applied?</p>

<p>lol that's cute. I don't know if you understand, but Quest is for another set of students. Again. You can't go comparing apples to oranges.</p>

<p>My little sister applied.</p>

<p>Quest is only open to students in low-income families right?</p>

<p>Yes, I believe so. Stanford does have EPGY, which isn't exclusive, but it's not really a summer program. I think it's just online courses that don't exactly come cheap.</p>

<p>agree static,, they are all about the same if you are talking about the "prestige"... with a ridiculous one digit acceptance rate;</p>

<p>prestige, of course, shouldn't be the only reason for attending a program anyway..</p>

<p>and yeah, i applied there.. waiting for some news :P</p>

<p>Some boy who sits next to me in my English class applied.</p>

<p>well, you could tell him or her to join us here^-^</p>

<p>LadyinRed: right but they also accept middle-class ppl with great motivations despite some hardships (don't exactly have to be financial).
i applied. hope some of us get in. <em>fingers crossed</em></p>

<p>btw, what part of the country are u guys from? I'm from Boston.</p>

<p>i'm from delaware,,</p>

<p>i believe they send out the semi-finalist decisions on april 12..</p>

<p>wow, april 12th? o.O i asked for my 4 recs way ahead of yime so all my recommenders turned it in on-time but i did my part of the app on the last day so it might have a lot of mistakes and sound messy... ok, now i'm just plain nervous.</p>

<p>between april 13 and april 15,,, actually</p>

<p>i misread the e-mail</p>

<p>don't worry about it; adcom would probably understand as long as you didn't "flood" the application with errors in grammar etc..</p>

<p>kimjm - thanks for the quick remarks. i feel like i should know you better. im me sometime: zxchen06.</p>

<p>i actually don't use aim...</p>

<p>we could discuss stuff here as well as PMing;</p>

<p>so anyone else applied?</p>

<p>who's PMing? also, is it true that you have to be "concerned with the environment" to get into QuestScholars? i don't do that much with the environment; i volunteer a lot in the community though.</p>

<p>PM is private message option of cc</p>

<p>i know that quest scholars originally started as environmental-type program, but i'm not sure if the adcom emphasizes it to decide between admit and reject..</p>

<p>I applied to Quest last year and was a finalists. I was in the top 50 and they choose 22, o well. I didn't apply this year because I decided it wasn't worth all the time and effort just to get rejected again, like many people I knew last year. Also I am going to SSP. Anyways, they send an email to the semi finalists (which are quite a lot) that tells them to go to a leadership conference and interview. It was pretty fun, just one full day of getting tips about your future and what to say in an interview. You get videotaped the whole time. Also, if you go to the conference, you are told to make three projects which will help your community or something and if you get accepted into Quest you will have to complete one of those in your lifetime.
About the interview, it was really easy, just be honest. They ask something like what would you do with a million dollars and some personal stuff. The very very hard and frustrating part is the group interview, where they ask you a series of questions with altering conditions. Such as, if there was someone trapped in a forest, would you risk people to go save him. If you say no, then they'll say what if that person was your mother...etc. If you say you will go rescue that person, then they'll say what if it costs the city a million dollars to rescue that person, and people will start dying in the hospitals. Not a great way to finish a day off...</p>

<p>The people who are chosen are usually people who seriously deserve it such as those who are suffering through some great hardship and people who are really devoted to a cause. I know this one girl who got in who was really into helping animals and such. Also, they do not accept you if you are over-qualified. If you are too high in your standings or earn too much (it may not seem like you do but in comparison to others who are applying), then you don't need Quest to get into a prestigious university. I guess that made sense. </p>

<p>Hope I helped some of you out...and don't worry if you don't get's not the end of the world. </p>


<p>wow, the questions seem very hard... when do we hear from them? how many ppl become semifins?</p>

<p>You will hear sometime in april. I am not sure. The interviews are in May I believe, and there are many different sessions. A couple hundred semi finalists are told to go. GL.</p>

<p>so no one else applied from CC? wow... ppl, c'mon!</p>

<p>those questions seem a bit challenging..;; didn't expect that much rigor in group interviews..</p>