Quest Scholars 2005

<p>but the questions are open-ended so if u can argue your point, ur set. So we are notified next week? wow, so much anticipation for next week: SAT 1 score, Quest...</p>

<p>4 days left, just for the record</p>

<p>uh oh... >.<</p>


<p>tmrw? wow :)</p>

<p>I made it as a semifinalist. :D Not holding out much hope, though. I'm a sophmore, plus I haven't had the most terrible life (although it's had its interesting ups and downs). The only problem is we own a piece of property that has some substantial value, but our income has plummeted this year to <40,000.<br>
Good luck to everyone else.</p>

<p>agh. rejected.</p>

<p>huh? i thought we find out tmrw? did u get a reply by email or letter?</p>

<p>I got an email.</p>

<p>oh, wait, i checked my email. SEMI-FINALIST!!!
i think i may have a good shot at this program since no one in my family has ever attended college, and has led generally what u may consider to be "bad paths" in life: both grandfathers got addicted to opium and died at a very young age, brother was a marijuana addict and handled illegal weapons at one point :(. My family makes less than 20,000 a year but nevertheless strives for the American Dream. I have tried my best in whatever I do and aspire to shine in many areas not expected of me. I join numerous clubs, including writing for the Boston newspaper and a national magazine, Science Olympiad and Robotics. Because so many people have helped me in my lifetime, I commit thousands of hours to doing volunteer work to help others. I also do very well in a very presitigious PUBLIC school (yes, Boston Latin School is public) and earned very high marks on standardized tests: 224 PSAT, 2280 New SAT and perfect scores on the state MCAS exam. Yes, I have come a long way and that is probably why I was chosen to be semifinalist. Good luck to all those who have travelled milestones like I did.
P.S. I admire you, staticsoliloquy. You have come very far indeed. I hope I get to meet your little sister.</p>

<p>kimjm-white27, i'm sure you're a very talented person nonetheless. I hope you get accepted to ssp (or did u get in already?). :)</p>

<p>my sister made it to semifinalist too :D</p>

<p>Will you be interviewing at Stanford or Harvard?</p>

<p>Aww, thanks zxchen.</p>

<p>Harvard. i think ur sis is at Stanford. :( but that's okay!</p>

<p>I'm at Stanford, although they emailed me and said that I could go either way, since I technically live on the east but I'm down south. Yeah, not the greatest place for intellectual growth.</p>

<p>no one from the east coast?</p>

<p>Congrats to all. This program is really something if you get in. When I went I met a lot of qualified people, and I mean perfect for the program. I still keep in contact with them, and they got into Yale, UPenn, regents for UCs etc. The thing is, if you are a soph, it will be harder for you. They also reject you if you are overqualified. Not to put a damper on everything. One girl who I knew got in had 1300's SATs, pretty good grades, etc. But I think what got her in was her passion in something, esp. the environmental altruism. What really sucked for my newly made friend from Hawaii was that he spent so much money for his tickets to Stanford for the interview, and the day he get back, there was a rejection notice in his mailbox. I think that they should fund the tickets for you to go to the interview. Alright everyone, GL and I hope you guys make it in. Oh yea, if you get into Quest your basically guranteed into Stanford and Harvard, but maybe not the rest. The girl I know got rejected from Yale.</p>

<p>Have fun there and make friends!</p>

<p>gah, my sister is a sophomore. How was the interview structure?</p>

<p>completely untopical question: are soliloquy and staticsoliloquy the same person? </p>


<p>nah, two different people.</p>

<p>a few questions: how nicely should we dress for the interview? how was the interview? what are they looking for? I heard they like people who are really into environmental charity... but i'm not one of them.</p>