Question abou essays

<p>I'm applying to Brown, Harvard (SCEA) and Yale as a freshman and to JHU, UChicago, American, GWU, Gtown, Grinnell and Tufts as a transfer. I'm using the common app for Harvard and Yale and I have already written three essays (I'm going to submit two out of three..) But the thing is that my favorite one was intended for answering one of the questions of UChicago (The one about your favorite things..) and I'm not sure if I should use it now for Harvard and Yale..(I really like it..) and then, for Brown, since the question is a bit ambiguous I was planning to use either the one from Uchic, or another based on a question of the common app. To put it simply? Is it a good idea to write essays based on prompts from other colleges? Thank u!</p>

<p>As long as they're interesting essays that answer the prompt, I don't see why not.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot! I hope they are..(I'm screwed if they're not!)</p>