Question about Early Action Stanford

<p>How much is the SAT II's weighed for EA stanford?
is it more than the SAT I?<br>
If I have a 2140 in SAT I's, but I haven't taken Math II C, should I take SAT II's instead in October? ( wanted to do better in my SAT I's )</p>

<p>/me wonders why this isn't in the Stanford forum</p>

<p>I have no idea. Nobody knows exactly how the admissions officers think. I would guess that the SAT I is more important, seeing as that's required, while the SAT II's are just highly recommended. As far as what you should take in October... I don't know. Isn't there testing in November too? Maybe you can call the admissions office and ask if they accept November test scores for EA applicants, and if they do, maybe you can do I in October and Math IIC in November. Just an idea.</p>