Question about grades.....Please help

<p>I plan on applying to UCLA, Berkely, and Santa Barbra in the fall. The one thing that is worrying me is that in the beggining of my college career I recieved two F's and a D in transferable classes. I have since than repeated those courses recieving A's in all of them. My question is will the original grade I recieved in those classes be calculated into my tranfer gpa. I filed a petition to get them from being calculated into my community college gpa. And I know they will still show up on my transcript, but will UC's calculate them into my transfer gpa. Or should I even use them when I have to fill in my gpa on the application. Thanks for reading my question.</p>

<p>No, they do not caclculate them once you take them over.
I go to a community college and i have an F in keyboarding which i took over and even though its on my transcript the gpa is adjusted. </p>

<p>Your school should adjust your GPA automaticlly but as far as i know they can not remove the grade from your transcript.</p>

<p>Thanks for your reply. I already know my community college will not calculate the grade into my cumulative gpa, since I already filed a petition to change it. But will the UC's calculate it. Thanks</p>

<p>No they wont calculate that if you took the class over.
You community college UC gpa is what goes with you, whatever it was at the CC is what it will be at the UC. Unless you take like 70+ units and then they have to give you subject credit, then in those instances your gpay may diffrer</p>

<p>thanks for your reply, I hope you are right. If anyon else knows anything regarding this subject please respond.</p>

<p>When you apply to the UC's, you personally fill out the section that asks for the classes you have taken, and the grades you received. When you fill out this portion of the application, just include the better grade.</p>

<p>If and when you are accepted, and you decide on a university, you will mail the school your final transcripts, which will indeed include the lower grades. But the transcript will indicate that you re-took these classes and obtained a higher and much more impressive grade.</p>

<p>You do not need to send a transcript to a UC school until you have submitted your intent to register, only after you have been admitted. They will not be able to see the transcripts while they are making their decision whether to admit you or not. Once you send your transcripts in, they just check to make sure you included the correct and true information on your original application.</p>


<p>Izzie Bear</p>

<p>So they dont see your W;s either?</p>

<p>then why do the councelors say the w's matter?</p>

<p>i just downloaded the application and it says to put down all your grades including the F's and any courses you may have reapeated and any w's ...</p>

<p>Seriously? I totally don't remember that when filling out the application. Is this something new, perhaps?</p>

<p>I didn't repeat any courses, but I honestly don't remember that on the application.</p>

<p>I apologize for giving you false hope, but I'm sure they only calculate the higher grade! I'm not sure if seeing the failing grade will discourage them, but I do hope not!</p>


<p>Izzie Bear</p>

<p>I dont know if its new... </p>

<p>it sucks, i think its going to ruin my ability to get into UCB. it says to put down everything, any F's I's W's... REGARDLESS of transfer credit.
so my F in keyboarding sucks!</p>

<p>But either way, that doesnt count in your gpa.</p>

<p>No, it doesn't count into the transfer gpa, you're right.</p>

<p>I'm not sure if they ask for all grades because they want to see your overall performance thus far, or if it's just for transcript related reasons. </p>

<p>They say W's may effect chances of admission, and to some degree, they probably do. But my close friend was admitted to Berkeley last year with a few W's, so I wouldn't cancel all chances because of them.</p>


<p>Izzie Bear</p>

<p>Thanks for all the replys, I really appreciate them. Thats what had me confused also, because on the application it says to include classes you repeated with the original grade you recieved also. If anyone else has any information on this please reply I will appreciate it a lot</p>

<p>Thanks for all you guys respone to my question, I believe I finally got the answer. I called UCLA admissions right now and they told me that even though they see both of the grades. They only use the second grade to calculate your transfer gpa. But if this was the case the whole time, than why do they tell you on the apllication to use both times you took the class to calculate your gpa. I proabally will just use the second grades I recieved for the classes and disregard the first, since they are going to do that anyways</p>

<p>it doesnt say that on the application, or i dont see it on the application.</p>

<p>It says to LIST all grades including w,f, i and so on. Point is that what you write down needs to match the transcripts that come in . </p>

<p>On the application you figure out your gpa using only 1 grade. </p>

<p>Plus why do you need to even bother figuring it out, doesnt your school figure it out for you and clearly list it on your trascript.</p>

<p>yes, it will ask you to list those grades when you apply to the UC's, but i highly doubt it will factor in if you took them over. whatever you do, DO NOT OMIT ANYTHING, EVEN IF YOU FEEL LIKE IT WILL DIMINISH YOUR CHANCES IF YOU INCLUDE THEM. it would suck to get in and then be cancelled because of that (once they match up your transcripts with your self-reported sections)
if you get an F in a non-UC transferable class like keyboarding, it shouldnt affect you too much, if at all. during your application, whenever you put in a non transferable class, a "CCCT" (CA Comm. College Transferable) symbol won't show up next to it; therefore, it wont be factored into the GPA they caluculate.
There is also a space on the application that allows you to write about why some of your classes may not be up to par with your other grades. hell, universities understand we are all human and we can't pull A's all the time.
btw i got into berkeley with like 4 W's shown on my record. they dont' care about W's; i even went there personally to ask them. they told me they take a black marker and just cross them out during decision making time.
I will be happy to answer any PM's or emails about this whole thing. It was terribly confusing to me, and i during thos times, i almost wished i just had a person next to me the whole time just so i can ask my many quesitons. i learned many things the hard way, so i would like to share my experiences :)</p>

<p>Don't worry about the Fs and Ws when filling out the application because I applied with 7 Fs and 7 Ws. I got in to all the UCs you mentioned except for Berkeley initially (got in on appeal). Of course I applied for academic renewal and none of the Fs figured into my GPA. But do fill out everything you see on your transcript. Make sure everything matches up coz even a little mistake could prove disastrous when they finally get your official transcript. Although the Fs and Ws will not affect your GPA you need to address causes for these bad grades in your personal statement. Explain the bad performance, but don't give excuses. Good luck!</p>

<p>i suggest not even writing a personal statement that focuses on why you have F's. i did loads of research before i wrote my personal statement, and that is something they don't want to hear. for example, no "i got F's because my grandma had cancer and needed constant care. otherwise i would have received A's." instead, focus on what made you stronger and more mature through seeing your grandma go through all of that. there is a fair-sized box in which you can explain your academic performances, so don't waste any words explaining your F's in your personal statement. the Committee is smart; they will see it on their own.
however, if anyone has ever got accepted with the kind of essay i am suggesting to everyone not to write, i would like to know about it!!!</p>

<p>^ i was thinking the same thing since my f's and w's are concurrent with my moms cancer. But i was going to write my "is there anything else we should know " essay about adjusting to life and maturing due to your parents illness, and about taking on other responsabilaties and so on, and how it has changed my life. My point was going to be that my family has finally reached a place where i am able to go and explore my own intrests and develop myself more as an individual independent of my family responsabliaties and UC is the perfect place to do that.</p>

<p>Something along those lines, does that even sound good?</p>

<p>in that small box that says account for gaps and so on, i was just going to put a crappy sentence about cancer and family responsiblity thus a gap, i dont think i need to devout a whole essay on that.</p>

<p>Sorry that kind of went of topic from the original question.</p>

<p>Thanks for the replys and good advice. I was going to not even list the first time I took the course initially, but now I will definitely not do that. This whole process is driving me insane and I also wish I had someone next to me to answer all my questions. If I could get your email I will appreciate it tremendously thanks...</p>

<p>Nevermind about the e-mail, I see all I have to do is click on your name to send you one. Thank you to everyone for replying to my question.</p>