Question about unweighted/weighted gpa?

<p>Ok, so my school adds 10 points to the final grade in any AP class. So let's say that I get an 89 in AP Physics. This grade will show on my transcript as a 99 and a 4.0 towards my GPA. Now, I am confused about how this will count towards some of my applications. For example, Georgia Tech adds an extra 0.5 points to the GPA for any AP class. On my transcript I received a score of 4.0 for the AP Physics class. So would that count as a 4.5? Or would it count as a 3.5, because I originally had a B without the 10 points?</p>

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<p>It would be a 3.5. If they add it would be to the UW grade.</p>

<p>If the +10 happens before the transcript, won't they just see the 99? How would they know it started at 89? Sounds like a 4.5 to me.</p>

<p>^ That is what I am thinking... My school does add 10 points for AP classes, but it shows up on the official transcript with those 10 points. On my school website, it even says " We grade on a 4.0, with no additional weight added for AP or honors courses". So I don't know if those points added count as your traditional "weight".</p>

<p>The school profile should go into the details of how grading is done.</p>

My school does add 10 points for AP classes


Sounds like weighting to me.</p>