Question for Rutgers (Arts and Sciences) Students!

<p>Hi guys, I am currently at Gloucester County College. I have a question about credits that will transfer. So far I have taken BIO 101 and BIO 102. I know that you can transfer these but will both these classes only count for 4 credits or will you get 8 credits. Im not sure if they will take the BIO 101. Also will Rutgers take my MAT 107 which is Pre- Calc, will Rutgers give me 4 credits for this class? Thanks guys!</p>

<p>Looks like you get 4 credits for each course. However, you must take both BIO101 and BIO102 at GCC to get subject credit for 01:119:101 and 01:119:102 at Rutgers.</p>

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<p>Looks like MAT107 and MAT110 at GCC is similar in that you need to take both to get subject credit for 01:640:115 at Rutgers.</p>

<p>Ok so I will get 4 credits for BIO 101 because I have taken BIO 102 already too. So BIO 101 will count as an elective right if I pursue a Statistics Major? And If I have taken both MAT 107 and MAT 110 I will also get 8 credits too correct for lower electives? Thank you so much!</p>