Question on the UC application essays!

<p>Are we suppose to type all the four essays in the personal statement? Or are we suppose to write only 3 essays: the Academic Preparation, Potential to Contribute and Open-Ended Question essays? Do UC's, UCLA, Irvine and UCSB, emphasis a lot on essays, cuz it seems i dont have much to "contribute" on employment and CCA?</p>

<p>any1 help her? </p>

<p>cuz I also have the same question with her :)</p>

<p>four essays?</p>

<p>the last one is just for random stuff.. which brings me to another question: if I want the extra stuff to be my part III (explaining why I didn't graduate from hs), can I just put down "see personal statement part III" or something?</p>

<p>it has been a year since I applied, but 3 (academic prep, what you'll bring, open ended) are required and the last one is a sorta "if you have some splainin' to do" option. </p>

type out your answers in word, spell check and all that, leave it, come back re-read, re-tool, edit, etc... then paste each separate response into the appropriate box. oh, and check the word count thing, and re-read each to make sure nothing was left out. </p>

<p>btw, your potential to contribute can be anything. my repsonse was that I would contribute in my openness to the academic community and students of different backgrounds. truly, your contribution could be anything that you feel will make the college experience better for everyone. good luck!</p>

personallly, I'd never put "see..." on an app, it may come across like you didn't want to put in the extra effort. try to explain everything about academics in your academic prep question, or use the open ended or fourth essay. good luck!</p>