Question Regarding Honors

<p>So I am currently a junior in high school. In the past two years I have taken all honors and have averaged a 91 in all of these honors classes. This year I decided to take all honors again with addition to two AP's, APUSH and AP Psych. However after a few weeks into school I started to detest math. Math has always been my weakest subject and this year isnt helping. First off, I despise my teacher. The only things that count towards our class average are tests and quizzes. In my past years the teachers always put projects and homework grades into the quarter grades. Second week into school I take my first math test. I fail (I have never failed a math test in my high school career.) I am just not learning in this class. The teacher's teaching style and way she operates her class is just too overwhelming. How will it affect my college transcript if I decide to go to CP precalc instead of honors. I am looking to go to schools such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Maryland. Will a 75 in an honors level math class over-surmount a 90-95 in a CP class. Also being in a CP class will also allow me to focus my attention to my other core classes. I just need some feedback on whether this is a good decision or not.</p>