Question regarding UC transfers and GPA. PLEASE HELP!

<p>I am a second year California CC student who just finished my third semester. I lived at home this whole time and my grades severely suffered. My parents forced my too work too much and rarely allowed me to even go to class. I was able to do great on tests and essays in my classes because I knew the material, but my grades plummeted because most classes had work or quizzes daily. Here are my grades:</p>

<p>Summer 2007: French101-A (Took during HS to help me in French)
Fall 2010: Anth101H- B; Art258- C; Engl100- C; Math125- C
Spring 2011: Anth102H- B; Hist101- A; Ital101- B; Phil101- B; Psyc100- B
Fall 2011:Engl202, Geol101, Hist103, Hist104, Soc101 - Expecting mostly Cs, perhaps two Bs
Spring 2012: Geo101L, Hist100, Hist105, Hist109, Nutr100, Phil122 (All online classes)</p>

<p>My first year GPA was 3.03 with 33 units. I will fall just at 2.9 with this Fall semester. I'm taking online classes next semester to make it easier about attendance. I was hoping to transfer to UCSB, which isn't possible now, or UCSD through Ulink pipeline. The minimum GPA for UCSD uLink is 3.0. My question is: If I can get my GPA back above 3.0 for the end of Spring 2012, can I still be considered for enrollment in Fall 2012? I submitted my app and everything already, but wasn't sure if I had to maintain it for Fall 2011. </p>

<p>If not, then here is my next question: Would I be able to take a third year at my CC and retake all the classes I got Cs in and take some others to boost my GPA? Then those better grades would override the bad ones and make it easier to transfer? </p>

<p>I have applied to other schools, but since I am still a minor, I am still under the parents' rule. It's pretty much a UC or nothing for them considering that they are paying for it. I have no problem technically being behind a year, as I am quite young for my grade anyway. </p>

<p>So please help. It is stressing me out terribly and I can't talk to a school counselor until the end of January.</p>

<p>Nothing at all? Okay. I'll hope for the best, I guess.</p>

<p>At many schools, the repeated course policy is that the second grade replaces the first grade in GPA calculations only if the first grade was a D, F, NP, NC (or otherwise failing). Check the policy at your community college and the school you are trying to transfer to.</p>

<p>Yeah, the repeated course policy is only for Ds and lower. That really sucks. I don't know what I am going to do about school. Can I just go to another CC or something and retake those classes since it's not the same CC? Will it still count?</p>