<QUESTION>Will Summer Programs like COSMOS be considered during College Application?

<p>I'm a California student who is going to applying for college next year. Could anybody tell me that is it useful to attend summer programs like COSMOS (California State Summer School For Mathematics And Science)? Are programs like this highly selective? Will it enhance the competitiveness of my application? If so, what are some good Science and engineering programs?</p>

<p>Yes, it would be within your advantage to apply for COSMOS it will enhance your UC app. COSMOS is very selective, I applied to go to UC Irvine for COSMOS, so did almost 600 others and only 150 got in. Yeah I got rejected, would have been an awesome experience had I been accepted and went.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot! :D Fighting!</p>

<p>Cosmos increased its tuition to around $2800, seems like a lot of money for 4 weeks to get your feet wet in advanced bio/science lab. And the way it can help with college apps, is if you take what you learned and expand on it next summer..I would have liked the experience but not knowing science is my ultimate major, it seems like a lot of money. Getting your own internship/job experience may be equally valuable than sitting in a summer program that costs 3k.</p>