Questions about the admission process via commonapp

<p>I'm going to be applying to college this month and was wondering what I needed to send when I finished writing my essay. Do I send my essay via common app? Do I send in my SAT scores the same time I send in my application or after because I have until around Jan to edit my SAT scores. How do I send my school transcript?</p>

<li>follow the instructions on the college app as you're filling out the application. it will walk you thru it completely.</li>
<li>request your transcript at school. Ask the school office how they want the requests done. my dtr's school did it electronically on-line thru Docufide. this is very simple to do.</li>
<li>ask your teachers NOW to write your recommendations. provide them with a self addressed stamped envelope for each school that does not do the rec's on-line thru the common app. You will need to check each college to see how they want the information you send them (whether or not they are common app school).</li>
<li>go onto collegeboard and request your SAT scores to be sent directly to the colleges. the instructions are all pretty easy once you sign on and follow the instructions.</li>

<p>best of luck to you!</p>