Questions about UC Reciprocity

<p>I'm interested in transferring from one uc campus to another for the fall 2013 term and I was wondering how exactly does the reciprocity agreement with GE's work. I know it ensures that the GE's completed at one uc campus will satisfy that of the others, but I would also like to know WHEN those GE's must be completed. What I want to know is whether or not ALL GE's must be completed by the time I file my application once my first year is over, or will classes taken during my second year also be taken into consideration? I ask this because I'm not entirely sure whether or not all my lower division GE's can be completed within my first year.</p>

<p>I am a little unclear on question but assuming, for example, that what you are asking is by when all required courses needed for transfer must be completed, the answer is by the time of actual transfer not the earlier time that you apply, and thus, if applying for transfer into junior year, they will look at all courses completed before you start junior year to determine if prerequisites have been met.</p>

<p>If I've understood you correctly, you will finish 1 year at a UC school and then in the fall will apply to xfer for your junior year. In that case it sounds like you just need to finish the GE's at your home school before you xfer, although you should check with admissions at the UCs you are considering to be sure. For example UCLA says
We also encourage you to complete the General Education (GE) requirement of the UC campus you currently attend before you transfer. If you do this, you will be exempt from UCLA's GE requirement.

Since they say "before you transfer" and not "before you apply to transfer" it sounds like you have the 2nd year at your original UC to finish the GEs, if you were applying to UCLA for example.</p>