Random Qs: Mixing between schools & School Pride

<p>Do you feel there is mixing between schools?
Are people in Stern friends with those in CAS?
Do people tend to stick with those they meet in classes or do the dorms provide a good way for people to branch out and get to know some of the other 20,000 undergraduates at NYU?</p>


<p>Is there a lot of school pride? Does NYU have events that bring together the entire school? Are there concerts like Spring Fling (a la Tufts etc.) that NYU sponsors?</p>

<p>Thanks again CCers!!!</p>

<p>i have friends in gsp, steinhardt, cas, stern, tisch (although they're all the film ones)
you make the majority of your friends in dorms...tisch sticks together more than the rest because they have 6 hr practices so they get to know each other really well</p>

i have friends in gsp, steinhardt, cas, stern
you make the majority of your friends in dorms


I found this pretty true freshman year, but after that, people don't really socialize in the dorms. </p>

<p>Most of my friends are from Stern, but I wasn't very proactive about trying to meet people outside of classes, so my friends from other schools were pretty much limited to people I met in clubs. Part of it is that Stern has a lot of school-wide activities that help you meet people (clubs, cohorts, ISP, etc). </p>

<p>NYU as a whole doesn't really have many traditions. It's too large with too many different kinds of people to really have anything that everyone gets excited about.</p>

<p>I'm in Stern. out of my 20 best friends or so, I think one is in stern? 3-4 in film and tv, 1 in theatre, 3 in gallatin, 4-5 in gsp, 3 or 4 in CAS, 2 in steinhardt.</p>

<p>If anything, I don't have enough friends in the school I'm in. A bunch of acquaintances and people I'm in clubs with and such, but going out at night, hardly ever am I with people in my school. People in Stern --this is purely my opinion-- are either incredibly rich people who go out to expensive clubs every night and don't care about school since they can work for mom and pop, or they completely nerdy and never goes out. There seems to be very few people in the middle ground.</p>