Random Questions

Thanks I hadn’t planned on storing. Guess I’ll just go ahead and try it.

Just don’t. It is a ridiculous fear.

Yeah, if you aren’t planning to store it, I don’t see the need to fear raw garlic. Do you not eat raw garlic at all?
If you are cautious, my suggestion above of heating the oil would kill that tiny risk if you get the oil to a certain temp.

Sounds good to me, actually I hate raw garlic but the combination with bread is so wonderful. . Google results brought up botulism- mention was made that spores would grow in the anerobic conditions of the oil. I’m not going to store it or try to make infused oil. I buy garlic olive oil for cooking from local shop

Thanks, @lookingforward. With her Afrikaans accent, no one is pronouncing her name right! Almost sounds like “throne” or possibly “Thorn”.

Do you use an apostrophe in the phrase “for convenience’ sake”? (I’m not interested in hearing views on what the hypertechnical rules require; I am interested in what you do in actual practice).

I don’t believe I would if I ever used that phrase, which I can’t recall doing. The apostrophe just looks odd to me. Whether it is correct or not.

Probably faced with this dilemma, I would rewrite the sentence to say “for the sake of convenience”

Me, too. Or, “For convenience.” No, you wouldn’t want an apostrophe hang off a word not ending in S, not possessive.

Or “for your convenience”

Wouldn’t it be “for convenience’s sake”? The apostrophe hanging out there doesn’t make sense, as it’s not something like “the dogs’ house” (meaning multiple dogs).

Agree with alh.

Thanks! We are having an argument at work, and I agree that the apostrophe looks dumb.

But there’s more dissension on the issue than you would think! The New York Times is not consistent; it sometimes uses “for convenience’ sake” and sometimes “convenience’s sake.” The New Yorker uses “for convenience’s sake” except when they are quoting Virginia Woolf. Older editions of the Chicago Manual of Style apparently specifically reference “for convenience’ sake” but new editions drop the example altogether (but do include “for goodness’ sake” but also “for appearance’s sake”).

Anyway, it’s a dumb argument but a bunch of us were stuck in a conference room waiting for someone, and doing some group editing.

What’s going on with the west coast drought? I haven’t heard much lately and I’d love some details from those of you who were xeriscaping and saving shower water a few months ago.

Have you seen this?

The video will make you smile!


Saw it this morning. Pretty cool. :slight_smile:


before Memorial Day?
before Easter?
at the beach next week?

Where will you be? Mexico? Caribbean?

someplace warm :wink:

Well, might matter where you were.

I think it does matter where you are.
New England: After Memorial Day
Caribbean: anytime although it might be considered too dressy