Random Questions

Thanks. I actually have to go “do” things now, but will try to get back on tomorrow and post something about it, because it could matter to those where finances count.

The heat wave lasts until Sunday, so I’m sure I’ll have more free time inside, and with the alternative being housecleaning…


can anyone explain how to use door dash? do i make an order with the restaurant, and ask DD to pick it up? or go through DD, and they make the order and deliver? THANK YOU!!

You order and pay through DD. They handle the rest.

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Some restaurants offer delivery but don’t have their own drivers, so they contract with Door Dash to deliver for them. In these cases, you order and pay through the restaurant’s website or app, and then you get a notification that it is being delivered by Door Dash, usually with the name of the driver. One that comes to mind that we use a lot is Noodles & Co. My son uses DD a lot, so he pays $9.99 a month to get free delivery, which is a good deal for him, so he always orders through the DD app.

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It’s kind of a dumb thing but I HATE the process of ordering through the food delivery apps. Every one is different, around here you have to figure out which restaurant is on which app and the menus sometimes are limited. If any of my kids are home I am happy to pay for the food if they place the order. If it’s just H and I, I’ll just pick up the food myself or cook!

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A NEW random question:

We will be flying Boston to Dublin to Glasgow soon. My speculation is that we will not do passport control in Dublin, as we are just passing through, taking care of that stuff in Glasgow? We have almost 2 hrs between flights, and not having to deal with passport control lines would be nice.

Recently we flew Boston to Montreal to Calgary and did passport control in Montreal. I assume this is because we arrived in Canada in MTL and stayed in Canada (CAL).

ANOTHER related random question: Boston to Dublin in a big Airbus plane allows standard international carry on size (22" at longest dimension. Dublin to Glasgow is in a small, noisy, turboprop. The turboprop allows only a 18" carry on (smaller overhead bins I figure). Should we go out and buy a smaller carry on bag? Checking luggage was a nightmare on the aforementioned Canadian trip, and we’d like to check just one large bag.

For your first question, I’d ask the airline.

For your second question, they might simply take your bag at the gate or planeside, throw it in the cargo compartment, and then give it to you when you land. That happens here with small aircraft. Again, I’d ask the airline.

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If you’re flying Aer Lingus the prop plane is very cramped, more like a flying bus. A regular sized carry on will not fit, and often these carriers are much more strict about luggage size and weight than US carriers.

As far as passport control I’d check with the airline, particularly whether it’s optional. We did the Edinburgh to US route on aer lingus and doing the passport check in Dublin was convenient but did take a while. It wasn’t clear whether we could have skipped it and done passport control in the US.

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Thanks to all. The fear of losing a bag at the start of a trip means we’ll likely look for another bag. Samsonite makes an 18" that is exactly the allowed dimensions.

I will check with Aer Lingus RE: passport control. To me it makes no sense doing it in Dublin if we are not leaving the airport and entering the country. I’d rather do it in Glasgow where I’ll be spending 2 weeks in country.

UPDATE: According to Aer Lingus, as long as we do not leave the terminal there will be no passport control in Dublin–YAY! We have just under 2 hrs between flights, in today’s travel landscape every minute is precious. In Montreal last month, we were running through the terminal, Home Alone style, to make our connecting flight as our first flight was delayed. Well, we made it, because our connecting flight was also delayed!


Aer Lingus has US custom/immigration in Dublin. It’s super convenient for returning because you don’t need to go through our immigration/customs when you land. I’m not sure how it works going over but every time we’ve travelled, we’ve had to go through immigration at the first entry point, regardless of final distinction. I’d check with the airlines.


Hello everyone

We’ve read about creating a healthcare power of attorney and want to create one for our daughter who’s going off to college. Would anyone here be able to advise us on how to go about doing this?

Thanks very much!

Here they are done by lawyers so I would check with one in your area.

One resource for that is Mama Bear Legal Forms. You can use the code MAMABEAR20 or GROWN&FLOWN to get 20% off. It looks like about $55 for HPOA, FPOA, HIPAA.

My husband also mentioned doing it through Rocket Lawyer I think it was.

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We did this when we returned from Ireland in 2017. Our flights home will be Edinburgh to Dublin to Boston. I wonder if we’ll do US passport control in Dublin as a result. It’s certainly nice getting off the plane and going directly to baggage pickup!

You can download free templates: Free New Jersey Power Of Attorney Forms | PDF Templates

(I put in NJ because of your user name but pull down the forms for your state if you are elsewhere ; ))

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Thanks a lot @Sweetgum and @momofboiler1! Appreciate your help.
Do I need to use the forms for our (parents) state of residency or the state where my daughter’s college is located?

It’s probably good to have POA for both states plus medical POA, so you can authorize treatment as needed.


I chose to have a friend-lawyer to do the medical power of attorney for my D when she went to college out of state. Many folks use online forms but I wanted to be extra sure. Friend charged a flat rate.

My lawyer friend also recommended - as HImom said - getting POA in both states…doctors in college state may not like just the home state form. I also made copies and left set w/D at college and kept set myself.


Here’s a random question. Curious your opinions.

We live in an established older neighborhood. Our lot is a big double corner lot so we have a fair amount of privacy - but lots of yard to take care of that we do ourselves.

Our one neighbor has a smaller typical yard and a pool in the back. Only their driveway separates our yard and the pool on one side so when they are in the pool we can definitely hear them and partially see them. No problem. They are both now retired but she has LOTS of local family.

In the summer they love their pool and I don’t blame them! They will sit out there with family members for hours a day - yesterday they were out from early afternoon until at least 10pm. Not loud, no trouble or anything. But this goes on day after day.

Here’s the problem. I feel guilty when I have to make yard work noise. I need to cut the grass today and was hoping to do some power washing this weekend. I work during the week and H will “lightly” assist but I’m doing the main portion of the job. But I can’t cut the grass at 8am (I’m against that)! Right now, 10am they are out there prepping the pool area for what seems to be another get together today. Grass cutting takes an hour but power washing would be a few.

Aside from asking them “are you having a pool get together today?” (The answer is likely yes) how rude is it for us to make yard noise and likely disturb their get together.

Obviously if they were having a special party or celebration I would do my best to NOT run machinery. But day after day? I gotta do it sometime!!!

They never complain by the way but I’m the one feeling guilty.

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Oh, my, feel no guilt!

My own guidelines:

  • No mowing after 5:00pm Fri-Sun for neighbors to have peaceful outdoor dinners / gatherings
  • No mowing before 10:00am Sat-Sun
  • No mowing if I know of a special event at a neighbor’s (graduation party, for example)

Any other time is fair game.