Random Questions

Drink more fluids?

Is this the Pure Wick system? Run the piece under warm water to get it close to body temp, drink a LOT, keep pushing and bearing down.

I can’t drink anything, waiting for Ortho to come in and update if I am having surgery Friday. 2 broken feet and one broken ankle. I am getting IV fluids however.

Yikes! I had hip replacement surgery last month. Somewhat similar, had to wait 24 hours for surgery. They kept pushing iv fluids, left the pure wick in place. First time is the hardest, then I was used to it. Took many hours.

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Yes, something like that. Or bite a pinch of skin on the back of your hand.

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Nothing to offer in advice that hasn’t already been offered, but sending best wishes for your repair and recovery - ouch!


Oh my goodness! I am so sorry and hope the recovery goes as well as possible!


Oh no! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


No advice but sending more wishes for a quick recovery.


Best wishes for healing and recovery!


@CottonTales I’m so sorry and wish you a quick recovery.


Speedy healing. Hugs!

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Sorry to hear, and best wishes!

Hope you’re getting adequate pain relief and that things went well today, especially if surgery was necessary. Best wishes for your recovery.


Another medical question: I’m used to shoulder pain for up to a week after a vaccination but my reaction to my first Shingrix vaccination on Thursday was something else entirely. By evening I was in a great deal of pain and couldn’t move my arm for about 48 hours. I started regaining range of motion yesterday afternoon and the pain is greatly reduced. I iced frequently the first day and am on Tylenol - I can tell when it wears off and when it kicks back in.

So now I’m reading about SIRVA (scary) but too much of the info seems to be from law firms wanting to represent me. I will call my doctor’s office tomorrow to discuss. I guess I’m just venting from worry, and the fact that I’m improving is encouraging, although some movements continue to hurt (fortunately not excruciating). I gather inflammation might be involved so am icing again.

Has anyone dealt with this before, and how will I convince myself to ever get another vaccine! Maybe get it in another part of my body?

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@Marilyn, I don’t have any prior history of reacting to vaccines and the first Shingrix knocked me on my rear. I had significant redness and swelling at the injection site and couldn’t raise my arm very high. Also had a lot of shivering and sweating and was in bed for 2 days feeling like crap. My symptoms were such that my doctor had me come in for a flu test which was negative. She told me that they had several other reports of bad reactions from that particular batch of vaccines. I was quite hesitant to get the second shot but had very little reaction. My doctor suggested I take Advil before getting my second shot which I did.

@GRITS80 - thanks for the info and sorry you went through that! I don’t have redness or swelling, did have a low fever and fatigue. I know my shot was a bit high on the shoulder and that’s supposedly one of the potential causes of problems. I guess time will tell. Also hopefully my doctor and/or nurse.

Jury is still out on a second shot but I have 2-6 months to decide. I thought I’d never had chicken pox but my doctor ordered an antibody test to help me decide about the Shingrix shot and I definitely have those (value 1755 which seems like a lot to me) so encountered the virus somewhere.

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FWIW, I had a horrible reaction to a tetanus shot when I was in HS. It was so bad I thought I was going to be paralyzed. I dreaded vaccinations after that experience for a few years but have never had any bad reactions ever since. Even the Covid shots were just a big bunch of nothing. Hang in there!


BTW, I would not wish a full blown case of shingles to a mortal enemy after seeing my younger coworker go through that.


How frightening! I always have a sore arm for a week but this was something else entirely. Reading up on SIRVA is disconcerting since it’s potentially damage from the needle rather than reaction to the serum. And I barely felt it. I know I’ll likely end up with the second dose - wonder if CVS can give it to me in a different muscle- like my thigh.