Rank them please!!

<p>ok heres my list of colleges i've looked at so far: who can rank them from Hardest to get into ~ Easiest to get into?? (if you have any other info/opinion on any of them you can talk abuot that too but 1st rank them just by admission)</p>

<p>here they are in no particular order</p>

<p>wake forest

Wake Forest
U of Richmond</p>


<p>W&M is easier to get into out-of-state than Emory?</p>

<p>i dont think so....just because W&M takes something like 60% virginians</p>


<p>no doubt its 1. duke, 2. georgetown</p>

<p>i dunno about the others since they all seem to be southern schools. emory is NOT harder or more prestigious than georgetown, dont think its even close.</p>

<p>YES IT IS! LOL ARE u kidding? EMory has been in the top 10 on US NEWS before and IT ALWAYS is ahead of Georgetown. EMory is soooo frickin awesome! IF you cant tell, Ive been accepted and still basking in all of Emory's glory. However, I got into Duke too and lemme tell u.....u will need AWESOME everythings to get in. Believe me.</p>

<p><em>shrug</em> im from the northeast. emory doesnt get much publicity around here. many many people at my school consider gtown their dream school, though.</p>


<p>i'm from California, and everyone here seems to put Georgetown way above Emory. Many have not even heard of Emory before.</p>

<p>no question hands down gtown wins this one without a fight there is no way that emory can matchup with georgetowns, location, academic hostory, prestige , and overall perception....EMory only in the last decade or two has become a top notch school and is is often unknown to parts of the country not located in the south</p>

<p>us news begs to differ</p>

<p>us news in notorious for bad rankings</p>

<p>what do u guys think the REAL rankings are?</p>

<p>US News has vandy and emory both ranked above gtown. very surprising to me, as well as probably most people around the country. perhaps emory has gotten hot recently, but georgetown is the blue chip here. cant argue with its notable alumni, namely Bill Clinton.</p>