<p>My high school life shows a dramatic upward trend.
Here are my weighted GPA's and ranks.</p>

<p>freshman: 3.989//no ranking freshman year
sophomore: 4.24// rank 67/272
junior year: 4.34// rank 26/270
senior year: not calculated.</p>

<p>I jumped up 41 ranks, as you can see.
Would including this in my transcript help me or would the low rank of 26 take away.
I am planning on applying Penn by the way.</p>

<p>Ask your counselor to write about it in his/her rec. I think it would help you.</p>

<p>It'll help, but I don't think it would like immensely help you. Ya...you did go up, but it isn't fair to other high schools that only rank once, like mine. You're number 26....you're not 67 anymore, so stop wasting your time on that rank.</p>

<p>How could that hurt you? It's better than not jumping up. </p>

<p>Obviously if you were at 26th sophmore year and jumped to top 5 it'd be better, but you do what you can. An upward trend is always good. I have no idea how it could be interpretted badly. Unless it was because you took super easy classes or something...</p>