Rating Chances: Columbia (poli-sci/econ)

Hello! I applied ED to Columbia a while back and if anybody has a good sense as to my odds of admission, feedback would be greatly appreciated. Without my essays and supplementals posted (I don’t quite feel comfortable posting them and I got plenty of feedback already), here is the bulk of the information.

Supplementary Materials:
Submitted on orchestral instrument: Two pieces on cello, recorded with the help of professor at local university. Did not apply for Columbia/Julliard exchange program.

Asian (China) and White (Europe); Not Hispanic

Mandarin (at home); French; English (first language, at home)

Intended School/Major: Columbia College; Econ/Poli-sci (Pre-Law)

Rank 6/294
GPA 4.0 unweighted; 5.09 weighted

AP Courses:
Taken: European History (4); Psychology (5); Calculus AB (5); English Lang (4); Macroeconomics (5); Microeconomics (4); U.S. History (5).
In Progress: Biology; English Lit; French Lang; U.S. Gov; Statistics

Standardized Testing:
ACT: 36 Composite (35 English/35 Math/36 Reading/36 Science); 09 on Writing
SAT II: 800 U.S. History; 800 Math II

National History Day: 1st Place in States & Regionals; 7th in Nationals at Runoffs (Group Documentary) (9)
National Honor Society
AP Scholar with Distinction
French National Honor Society
PSAT/National Merit Commended Student

Activities/Extracurriculars (paraphrased; all are 9-12):

  1. Private study of music, develop skills to impact the world through music. Piano and cello.
  2. Principal cellist and section leader (11-12) of my youth symphony orchestra.
  3. President (12), lead (10-12), and student director (12) of school theatre company.
  4. Vice president (9-12), section leader (9-12) tenor (9-10, 12) and bass (11) sections of my church’s youth choir. Solo on tour (9-12); guest accompanist (cello, piano) and substitute conductor.
  5. Principal cellist (12) of local audition-based string ensemble. Won competitions in New York, NY and Hershey, PA. Will compete (and solo) in Orlando, FL.
  6. Planner/accompanist/performer (piano, cello, vocals) in school charity concert benefiting homeless shelter. Raised almost $10,000 in 2019.
  7. Chief editor for school journal publishing student writers on current events and societal topics.
  8. Service representative and VP of church’s youth council (11-12). Coordinate service days and outreach efforts; Run weekly youth group meetings; Act as liaison to clergy and church staff.
  9. Varsity (10-12) academic competition team, answering quiz bowl questions specializing in music and history. Won regional league (9) and compete three times in nationals in Washington, D.C. (10-12).
  10. Annual summer service project in constructing homes for low-income families in the Appalachian Mountains.

In terms of letters of rec, counselor letter of rec is at least reasonably strong with specific instances of leadership. and character Two teacher letters I have not read, but I have a strong relationship with both teachers, one of whom offered to write the letter before I had the chance to ask.

If you’re reading this sentence, thank you for making it to the bottom of my rambling! I would greatly appreciate an honest assessment of what my chances may be. I won’t be absolutely devastated if I am rejected from Columbia, but it is a clear first choice for me.

You have the academics and ECs to get your past the first hurdle at Columbia (or any school). After that it will become a matter of things we don’t see (ex. essay, LOR etc.) and how your application strikes the admission officers. With an acceptance rate in the single digits it is impossible to make any admission prediction – there are more worthy candidates than there are spots available at the college. Columbia must be considered a reach for any unhooked candidate.

As long as you have match and safety schools that appear affordable and that you would be excited to attend you will be fine.

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You’re as competitive as any applicant. With a school like Columbia, no matter how great your stats are, chances are always going to be lousy. :slight_smile: Ivy leagues are more luck than any other type of university. The applications are so homogeneous, it’s impossible to stand out.

That being said, you did great! You have a ton of options and a bright future ahead of you!