RE: a B? need help by friday

<p>that rhymed. Guys, I need some serious help. I'm currently taking clac for the first time (as an honors class) and historically math has been difficult for me. okay, it's late in the quarter. my performance up to this point has been...sub-par. i think that i'm going to get a B in the class. this worries me, because haas considers calculus a prerequisite for admission-but not only that, i got a B in accounting last quarter! this is a serious plea-what am i supposed to do? I mean, best i can get now is a 3.9, with both b's, by the time of application. what do i do? the withdraw date is friday. please, i need some considerate help.</p>

<p>stick with the B... if you take calc in Berkeley it'll be considerably harder. And a B is not so bad, Cal doesn't even see your second semester grades until they accept/reject you so what is the problem?</p>

<p>because im applying next year..</p>

<p>hm.. then its up to you... what is your GPA right now? what will your Cumulative be if you get a B?</p>

<p>Coming from another De Anza student, Math has always been hard on me too, I ended up with a C in Calc 1A which I hope doesn't come back to haunt me but bounced back with an A in Calc 1B. I'd say keep the class though, there are some really tough math professors here so a B is not that bad, just work hard a keep that GPA up and you should be fine.</p>

<p>Is a B that bad? If you end up getting a 3.9 then you still have a shot.</p>

<p>Isn't it too soon to know whether she will get a 3.9 or not ? Just let it flow .. and try your best for it .. too much pressure is not going to help you at the end . ..</p>

<p>yeeeah..adding on zenmook at the end of this quarter i'll have a 3.84 with 51 units completed. I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO TAKE MATH NEXT QUARTER but we really SHOULD before we apply huh? good luck to all...i'm a de anza kid tryin to get into berk too.</p>