<p>I was admitted to GWU for the Fall 2006 as a Junior transfer. However, my grandmother passed away back in Korea, and I had to be there for a while. Because of that I was not able to accept the admission offer.
Few days ago, I sent them a email explaining the situation and they wanted me to write a letter stating that I want to attend the Fall 2007.
Does this mean the amission is still valid and they will accept me again?</p>

<p>anyone please?..........</p>

<p>sounds like it, they want you to defer a year.</p>

<p>why do you want to go to gw...?</p>

<p>Why? because I found out that it is actually cheaper to go to private university for me(0 EFC). I was also admitted to UW-Madison(highest in ranking among my list) and I though it would be better off going there both academical and financial wise. However, I live in IL and being out of state student, they basically gave me little more than nothing. Compared to that GW offered me significantly higher Financial Aid than Madison which almost covered most of the tuition and the living. And because I want to go to law school in future, GW seems to be a better choice than other similary ranked public schools.<br>
That being said, I am also considering Syracuse, U of I-Urbana biz(in state), NYU cas.</p>

<p>Why don't you ask them this question?</p>