Reach or no?

<p>I'm so intimidated when I look at all the scores posted for Johns Hopkins. Then I remember that not everyone who got in took the time to come here. Nonetheless, I'd like some input, please. I'm a Junior at a very competitive high school (one of top 10 in country)</p>

<p>What are my chances for Johns Hopkins?
Major: Public Health</p>

GPA: about 3.7
AP Classes: European History (4), currently taking Biology, Lang&Comp, and US history
Regents: (NY uses them still, I'm not sure how much they'll count) Chem: 86; Biology: 95; Math A: 99; Math B: 92; Spanish: 100; Earth Science: 92; English to be taken in June (these scores qualify me for an Advanced Regents Diploma, which honestly is not a big deal)
Clubs/Extras: Thespian Honor Society (secretary) (3 years, 6 shows, stage manager for two, production assistant for one, participant in International Thespian Festival's Tech Theatre Competition, running crew and set crew member)
Tri-M Music Honor Society (Secretary) (3 years)
Spanish Honor Society (2 years)
National Honor Society (candidate)
Pegasus Literary Journal (3 years)
National Ocean Science Bowl team member (2 years)
Independent Research (marine science & forensics)
AIDS Awareness (AIDS peer educator)(2 years)
NCTE nominee (junior year)
Art Club (1 year)
Latin Language Competition (1 year)
Flute Player (both symphonic band and marching band)
Color Guard for Marching Band
Outside School: NYSSMA participant (A+'s and A's) (6 years)
Volunteering at home for single mothers (as in babysitting) (2 years, about 90 min/week) and at a community center for autistic children (90 min/week)
All-County Band Participant: NYSSMA scores qualified me for 4 years</p>

<p>SAT scores: 2000 (640math, 670cr, 690writing)
SATII: will be taken in May (US history and biology)
ACT: will be taken earliest possible date in senior year</p>

<p>I already know I can get a kick butt recommendation from 3 teachers, and writing is one of my strong points.</p>

<p><em>sigh</em> any thoughts?</p>

<p>if you increase your SAT score about 150 points, then you'll have a good chance. Since you are a junior, you have a lot of time to improve your resume.</p>

<p>Bumping up to get more thoughts?</p>

<p>And my GPA is actually higher than I thought, it's a 3.89</p>

<p>Please! I'd really like advice.</p>

<p>Regents don't count outside of NY.</p>

<p>You still would be well served to do more SAT prep and retake to see if you can get your math and CR scores up.</p>

<p>yeah take the SAT again, get your scores up and you will be alright</p>

<p>HEEEEEEELP!! im new here</p>

<p>hi everyone im new here </p>

<p>so im applying for transfer to all the ivies- wharton, (except for princeton) plus georgetown and northwestern</p>

<p>i have written pretty good essays but i think i have a slim chance</p>

<p>came from horrible high school
hs gpa: 3.85
tennis captain, NHS, science club VP</p>

<p>SATs: 1840/2400</p>

<p>im in business school but iwanna do a psych major instead; sophomore applying for junior transfer</p>

<p>college gpa: 3.6; honors program
EC's: president of org, founded an org and worked on a proposal with the dean, tennis varsity, church volunteer, school newspaper editor, officer in another org,
did an internship last summer at fortune 200 company</p>

<p>good rec's from 2 deans (one was my teacher and the other was for the statement of good standing) and another from a prof who's a penn alumni.. my essays are pretty good too.. </p>

<p>let me know what you think pleasse</p>

<p>??? what..? nice hijack :P</p>


<p>Yes, nice hijacking...</p>

<p>I have a question...Can I use all my best SAT scores? I took it 2x and my math was better the 1st time</p>

<p>This question is mainly directed at Dan for Tufts U. Does Tufts recognize the IS program at FTHS, do they care? It is work-intensive and everything we do has a global approach, so I thought it would be recognized by Tufts.</p>

<p>BTW, how do colleges become familiar with public high schools? I hope that is not s dumb question, but if I go to a public high in the middle of NJ, how do schools across the country evaluate my courseload?</p>


<p>1: Your SAT score is way to low for ivies...especially wharton. I'd advise you to save your application money.</p>

<p>2: You really should make your own thread...</p>

<p>you remind me A LOT of myself. I applied to Cornell ED and was deferred, hoping for an acceptance RD. I would suggest to take the ACT. I took the SAT once and scored a poor 1740, but on the ACT I scored a 31, which is equivalent to near a 2100.</p>