Reach Schools To Apply To?

<p>GPA: 3.2 (GREAT Trend - A Avg. Junior Yr) - 3.6 is an A GPA in my school, 4.0 is an A+ GPA, and so forth...
SAT: 1270
Strong EC's
Good Essay
Good Teacher / Counselor Rec's
NY Resident
Interested in Biology / Pre-Med
Willing to look anywhere on east coast</p>

<p>Current Schools I'm Applying To:
SUNY Binghamton
Maryland - College Park
Penn State - University Park
SUNY Albany
SUNY Stony Brook</p>

<p>I'm looking for 1 or two more - possibly reaches (public or private) that would be difficult to get into, but I would have a shot.</p>

<p>Bump! Bump!</p>

<p>get the sat to 1300, u'll get in at all</p>

<p>Do you know of any possible reaches that would fit my criteria?</p>

<p>with a higher SAT and maybe a little further south....Wake & Emory.</p>

<p>What about Tulane? Would that be considered a reach?</p>

<p>eh, I dont know about your GPA..a 3.2 is a little low for Penn State..Their admissions is mostly based upon GPA/Transcript. The other 1/3 is a combination of personal statement, extra curriculars, SAT's, and sports. I know people that got into PSU Main without even breaking a 1000 on their SAT.</p>