Reading New Yorker and other magazines improves your verbal

<p>hey my verbal is currently my lowest area; a 510. I have 2 years to improve it to a 660+. If i read the New Yorker, Harpers, NYTIMES daily, do you all think my goal can be achieved? </p>

<p>and plzzzzzzz i would really appreciate it if someone who has experienced a score increase after reading new yorker or other magazines please tell me.</p>

<p>Don't rely too much on reading to improve your score. Sure, it will make you more of an 'intellectual' (if even that), but the only thing that can truly help you improve is taking practice tests. Good luck! :)</p>

<p>Both daily reading one editorial per day from any of those sources in addition to occasional practice tests <em>should</em> help.</p>

<p>Sophomore PSAT verbal: 520
Junior New SAT verbal: 740</p>

<p>so I guess it's possible...just do practice tests.</p>

<p>I went from 600 to 700. From experience, reading does help, but there is no guarentee of a huge score increase like +250. </p>

<p>Rading will definately increase your score, so read anyway because there will be no side effects.</p>