reality check?

<p>I know this may sound familier, but as i didnt get any responses last time i thought i'd try again</p>

<p>i have a 3.0 from a top 30 university after first semester, and am looking to transfer to some schools closer to home for family reasons, more urban envionment, better social life( where there is something to do besides drink in a dorm room), etc.
My sping semester is coming really well, and i expect to have a high gpa( whats unfortunate is that the colleges wont see that until after i apply)
i have lots of ecs, from volunteer work to the paper and some little stuff in between. I also continued from hs debate as well.<br>
In hs i had a 94 unweighted, 1250 sats, lots ecs, good essays.
i want to double major in psych and english</p>

<p>i am applying to

<p>i think i have a chance as most of the colleges, but am i overestimating my chances? should i wait another semester to optimize my chances?
thanks in advance</p>

<p>You might want to add a school like American to the list. I'm applying to NYU, Barnard and Gtown as well, and I know they recommend at least a 3.5, so if you think you could up your GPA in another semester, you should apply then. But all you really have to lose by applying now is the application fee, so if you really love the schools and can write a convincing essay, go for it now. good luck!</p>

<p>You have a very good chance of transferring to Fordham:)</p>