Recalculating Grades at Top Schools?!

<p>At my schoo, an A- is a 4.0 just as an A+ is. A B- is a 3.0 just as a B+ is. Will colleges look at my transcript and recalculate my GPA on a twelve point scale or will they simply take the GPA we provide. Duke in particular if anyone knows.</p>

<p>It's usually academic classes on an unweighted 4-point scale.</p>

<p>so they'll take my A- as a 3.7? You think even the top schools will go unweighted instead of weighted?</p>

<p>At my school, an A is an A no matter what sign is next to it.
I think most colleges would do the same.</p>

<p>my school also has a 4 for any type of A, a 3 for any type of B etc.</p>

<p>Good to hear because wiht this system my UW GPA is 3.9, otherwise it's a 3.7. I've had a lot of "A-"</p>