Recommend some good safeties/matches for me :)

I'm looking for some good safeties/matches to apply to since it seems like my chances of getting into my top schools are getting slimmer by the minute.</p>

<p>Just a bit about me:
2180 SAT (770M 730CR 680W)
SAT II's: 790Math 2, 760USH, 630 Chem
GPA: 3.7 (Top 5% rank)
Courseload: ~15 APs, and also did other college level stuff like diff eq, lin alg, etc.
Strengths (self perceived): Essays + ECs</p>

<p>In no particular order... I'm looking for...
- Focused faculty, undergrad focus, low student:teacher ratio.
- Cold weather (northeastern coast?). Lots of snow = good.
- Good math/economics and also good liberal arts. Good sciences are also a plus.
- Relatively close-knit/small campus.
- Mountains/forest/secluded (think Dartmouth).
- Either old/Hogwarts-esque buildings. Modern is fine too, but nothing like really urban/inner city looking.</p>

<p>Thanks for your time</p>

<p>Nice stats.</p>

<p>Just based on your list below "IM LOOKING FOR.."
(PS these may or may not be necesssarily safeties/matches :)</p>

Hamilton </p>

<p>These three are very secluded, in the mountains, lots of snow..
Williams - good econ dpt. These are all Liberal Arts, so of course, undergrad focus 100%</p>

<p>Now, Williams is a hard school for anybody. Colgate is a bit more competitive (admissions-wise) than Hamilton. Both are great schools.</p>

<p>What are your top choices? Are you mainly applying to LAC's? Your stats look pretty decent to me, don't count yourself out of the running too soon.</p>

<p>uhh maybe its cuz i go to this school but it seems like uchicago is a dman good fit for u. i had a slightly higher gpa and a slightly lower sat score so our stats are pretty much the same. if ur a good essay writer, then duh uchicago application is the way to go. </p>

<p>uchicago: very cold weather...we've already had snow once in early october
-very harry potter esque. one of the dining halls is like the exact same
-good math and econ...duh its uchicago</p>

<p>Thanks guys,
I'll definitely look into them :). I'm not counting myself out of the running yet, but I'm not placing that much on getting in. Taking the advice about loving my safety :).</p>

<p>My top schools are Harvard, Yale, and Amherst. I was also looking at Wharton, but I'm not sure if Philly is exactly my type of city.</p>

<p>I actually pooled U Chic into the low-reach range lol. I haven't visited yet, but I've heard the surrounding neighborhood is pretty rough, any truth to that?</p>

<p>Have you thought of Carleton (I know it's not the northeast, but I'm sure they have plenty of snow in Minnesota)? I know it is very good in math and the sciences. I don't know about econ, but I imagine it is very solid. Also perhaps Bowdoin in Maine.</p>

<p>yes, you have to be careful at night. yes yo shouldnt leave the campus area by foot alone at night. yes you should walk in groups at night outside of the campus. you need to be sensible. almost every school in a big city is like that. if anything, yale is in a much worse part of town. of course harvard is in a safe part of the city, yet you always have to be sensible.</p>

<p>"almost every school in a big city is like that." Rice in Houston is really safe...</p>

<p>Bowdoin, Holy Cross(good economics program), Colby, and Colgate.</p>

<p>Thanks guys. Adding to the list and researching.</p>

<p>Icried, u chic is lookin' pretty good :).</p>