RED SOX BABY! --okay, really, my chances

<p>Hah, I'm from Massachusetts, just a little pre-occupied with the World Series. </p>

<p>Any-hoo, what are my chances at the following schools?</p>


<p>White Female
Small Public School, about 800 kids total
3.7 unweighted GPA - I'm guessing above 4.0 weighted.
top 7% of class
700 -math, 660 - verbal: 1360 SAT I</p>

<p>Taking Math IIC and Writing in November, have taken Biology - 600. ( =\ )</p>

<p>AP - U.S. History: 3 ( again, another =\ )</p>

<p>Course Load (i'll do this year and last year, just to give you ideas)
AP Biology
AP US History
Calculus I
Spanish IV
Honors Physics
Honors English II
Contemporary Issues</p>

AP English 12
AP European History
Spanish V
Calculus II
Chemistry II
Gym *required bleh</p>


<p>--Varsity Field Hockey 9-12 Captain, Most Points, SCC All-Star, 100% Award
--JV Basketball 9-10 Most Improved, Sportsmanship
--Varsity Indoor Track 11-12 Captain, SCC-All Star, Most Points, 2nd in Conference
--Varsity Outdoor Track 9-12 Captain, SCC All Star, Most Improved, Most Points, Coaches Award, Medals at State Meet, etc</p>

<p>--Student Council 9-11 Member
--Executive Board 12 CHAIRPERSON... huge position, its so crazy. I'm like president of the entire school muah hahahaha
--Prom Committee 11</p>

<p>--Math Team 11-12
--National Honor Society 11-12
--Renaissance Program 9-12
--Big Brother//Big Sister 9-11
--Papercuts Literary Magazine - Editor 10, Contributor 12
--Creative Awareness</p>

-Stonehill Book Award
-High Honor Roll 9-12
-Creative Awareness: 3rd Place, Portrait
-Pride Card
-GEN Run Age Group Winner
-MAML Math Competition Recognition
-some other stupid academic awards that no one really cares about anyhow....</p>


<p>Church Volunteer (Soup Kitchens, etc) 9-11
Volunteer on Eighth Grade Camping Trip 11</p>

<p>TJ Maxx 11
Target 11-12</p>

<p>++++ Recommendations
++++ Essays (I'm pretty proud of mine)</p>

<p>Well, thanks for imput, i'll probably regret posting here, but hey.</p>

<p>GO SOX!</p>

<p>Bump - comments please?</p>

UVA, UNC-Chapel Hill, Middlebury, BC*</p>

NYU*, Kenyon </p>

Fordham, Northeastern, Miami</p>

<p>BC and NYU are similar in competitiveness but I think a slight advantage occurs with out-of-state pools at any schools where siginificant numbers of in-state applicants apply. So you may find more luck at NYU than BC.</p>

<p>thanks, i haven't really thought about that in-state thing for BC. My friend got into NYU and had lower credentials then me, but it might be more competitive this year...</p>

<p>at least youre a sox fan</p>

<p>What do you mean, haha<br>
At least I support a rockin' team if i can't get into my schools :-P hehe</p>

<p>OKAY last bump i one likes mine. wah.</p>