Reed EA, ED2 & RD class of 2025

I haven’t received any packages at all. :sob:

Some RD applicants are getting financial packages now. In the email.

I was accepted got a email a week back, said my package is in the mail.

Is there any international student who got their package? or even their decision?

All those who got accepted, can you guys please share your stats?

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Are they only mailing out acceptances or are they also notifying people that they’ve rejected or waitlisted? Telling us that they’d be “rolling out” admissions on March 12 was cruel to all the applicants who didn’t get the fabled box, especially if everyone who doesn’t get in will have spent a couple weeks watching all these other people post about their acceptances. It feels like an acceptance at this stage would by tainted by the suspicion that they were scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Class of 2026: Save your sanity and try to apply only to schools that upload all decisions to the portal for everyone on a designated day.


Got an email today, and I got waitlisted.

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If you could send me the Waitlist pdf somehow I would be super appreciative, I accidentally deleted the email and am freaking out


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waitlisted too - just found out that I missed three invites to interview with reed lol.

are you guys planning to accept your spot on the waitlist?

I’ll probably not accept the waitlist offer.

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what other options are you looking at?

The frustration applicants experienced with the admission office in previous years was discussed in an article in Reed’s own newspaper:

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I’ll probably either go to Macalester, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, or do the UT Austin CAP program. I’m still on the waitlist for TAMU, and if I get off that waitlist that’ll be my top choice.
Waiting on Tulane, Harvard, and Princeton decisions, which I have zero chance of getting into, but still hoping for a miracle :joy::joy::+1::+1::+1:
How bout you???

lmao same boat as you ://
my options are on my chance me post, i’m too confused though lol

Waitlisted !!!
International (Indian) needing full aid, test-optional, valedictorian of my class.

Don’t know if I should accept. In between UC Davis, Morehouse, and a couple of state schools.
Do people typically get off the waitlist?

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My son was waitlisted as well.
We are out of state so most likely he will go the UC route or take the scholarship offered by Lewis and Clark if he wants OOS.

Good luck to all of you! You have worked hard and this has been a tough and unpredictable year for admissions!


According to this site (Waitlist Statistics) they had a 9.75% acceptance off of the waitlist (51 admitted/523 who accepted the offer) so that doesn’t seem TOO bad. I think I’m going to accept and sign up for this April ACT w Writing and try to dang near ace it/ace it. It should come back around the 27th so one would still have time to make a decision by May 1st if anyone decided to do that too. Good luck to everybody :slight_smile:

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International student from Egypt needs full aid…80% i will accept the waitlis request
what should i do now, please halp me

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