Rejected, does this lower my chance for UCB?

<p>I hope not @@. 'cause that's one of my top choice.</p>

<p>It's a crapshot. You usually get UCLA or Cal, not as many get both.</p>

<p>For instance, I got accepted into every school I applied for but Cal. (It was a Godsend, since my parents would have made me go to Cal, which was my third choice school).</p>

<p>Anyways, the only advantage Cal has is a slight edge in prestige and maybe the semester system. Statistically speaking, UCLA and Cal are nearly identical, but UCLA has a much better environment.</p>

<p>They are two separate schools. Getting rejected at one has no bearing on admissions at the other.</p>

<p>However, it does indicate something of your chances. Berkeley is slightly more selective than UCLA, so rejection at UCLA usually means a rejection at Cal, but that isn't necessarily how it works. I know some have gotten into the former but not the latter, and vice versa. So don't give up hope.</p>

You usually get UCLA or Cal, not as many get both.


<p>That's a myth. I daresay students who apply to both and get into one usually get into the other.</p>

Anyways, the only advantage Cal has is a slight edge in prestige and maybe the semester system. Statistically speaking, UCLA and Cal are nearly identical, but UCLA has a much better environment.


<p>That's completely subjective.</p>

<p>Actually, UCLA is much more selective. Proportionally, they are the same, but this is misleading. UCLA rejects thousands of more people.</p>

<p>ive heard few ppl get into both and its ussually one or the other, so go BERKELEY</p>

<p>um lots of ppl get into both.......if you are qualified, you are can get into one and not the other..but its wrong to say that "few ppl get into both and its usually one or the other."</p>

<p>LA accepts a greater percent for Fall, but Cal accepts a greater percent overall, because we offer spring semester admission (which in some ways is better than fall admission).</p>

<p>Berkeley does have a significantly greater prestige overall. Look at the grad school ratings
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<p>Cal gets highly ranked much of the time, whereas LA is only in the top category for one thing.</p>

<p>Someone on another thread was talking about how Berkeley has a NorCal bias, in that they tend to accept more people from Northern California than Southern California.
Is this true?</p>

<p>I'm from SoCal and we got rougly equal number of Cal and LA admissions last year. In the end more IB kids picked Cal and more AP kids picked LA. That was the trend at my HS over the last five years</p>

<p>well they might get more norcal apps, because we have an entire 2 norcal UCs up here, and you guys have all the rest. that would explain a seeming bias.</p>

<p>and the myth of getting into one means you won't get into the other is completely false. LA and Cal are different schools, perhaps looking for different things, but as has been said, if you're qualified for one you're probably qualified for another. that said, NO one is a sure bet for anything, so if you're on the fence for one you're on the fence for the other- which means there will be plenty who get into one, and plenty who get into both. </p>

<p>as i did, and i chose LA for its better environment ;)
(yes i'm from norcal... and i don't like fog...)</p>

<p>fog... as opposed to... smog?</p>

<p>I like the quarter system more. Keeps you focused, and if you take a bad class it isn't half of your damn school year. I totally do not understand how the semester system would work, LOL. Is the material allocated differently for each course? Someone elaborate please.</p>

<p>For some reason my school last year actually had a bunch of accepted at Berkeley/rejected at LA people (~10, vs ~3 Accepted at UCLA rejected at Berkeley people....most were accepted into both). Just my $0.02.</p>

<p>mrMOO, at cal they take 5-6 classes a semester so it's more classes, but less hours of each class a week.</p>

<p>Liyana179, you're wrong</p>

<p>We take 3-4 classes (in rare cases 5).
13-18 semester units.</p>

<p>2 semester units = 3 quarter units</p>

<p>Don't stress too much, it's one of the hardest schools to get into in California. Just be thankful you have the opportunity to go to a college! </p>

<p>Sorry if I sound totally crazy, I got rejected, and seem to be thrilled for no good reason. I possibly will get depressed later but now it's funny.</p>

<p>i got rejected. a sting to the heart, but my #1 is UCB. i hope i get in though</p>

<p>hahah pamplemousse25. high five to that. it's not the end of the world, i think, untill ucb's comes out. but i too dont feel depressed...just shocked at who got in and who didn't. OMG. lmao.</p>

okay i must have heard that from an overachiever then, thx for correcting!
i guess i just took the usual 3-4 for ucla and added... one too many... xD</p>

<p>I got into UCLA, but honestly I really REALLY want to go to Berkeley. I might go to a JC and transfer into UCB if I don't get in. AHHHH, the wait is killing me...</p>