rejected everywhere

<p>1450 sat, 92 average; i got rejected from NYU, CM, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, BUffalo, and Stony Brook Honor College. Anyone got into Johns Hopkins and don't plan to go? Because i wan to say thank you because you will increase my chance of being accepted since i am on their waitlist.</p>

<p>I cant belive you got rejected from Buffalo and Stony brook</p>

<p>there are some state schools still accepting apps. Quick! (ohio state and asu are two i remember)</p>

<p>me neither: i can't believe it either</p>

<p>btw, apps? what is that?</p>

<p>Almost the same story here. Working with a 1550 SAT and a 3.83 GPA (top decile) I achieved the following results:</p>

<p>Harvard: Rejected
Brown: Rejected
Dartmouth: Rejected
Columbia: Rejected
Stanford: Rejected Early
Georgetown: Rejected
Princeton: Rejected
University of Chicago: Waitlisted
Boston University: Accepted
Boston College: Accepted
UVA: Beginning to suspect the postal service swallowed my application</p>

<p>You were rejected from Georgetown (COL)???!</p>

<p>thehammerspake, im pretty sure u can have my spot at JHU</p>

<p>We feel your pain...just shows how arbitrary this whole process can be.Were you at least accepted into the Honors Program at BC or BU..... I assume so with those stats....any merit scholarship from BU or BCto make you feel a little better?</p>

<p>u can have my spot at JHU as well</p>

<p>shostakovich, where u heading instead?</p>

<p>columbia...pending a stanford miracle acceptance or a boot off the H waitlist</p>

<p>oh well...Columbia is cool</p>

<p>apps = abrev. for applications</p>

<p>and Georgetown is by no means a school that is easy to get into. i know US News ranks it obscenely low, but they look for really distinguished candidates, especially in the area of extracurricular activities. all the people that my school has sent there have been either distinguished in student council, have ridiculous amounts of charity work, or a combination of both.</p>

<p>you can have my spot at Johns Hopkins BME, unless there is a tsunami on the west coast and Stanford would be no more...</p>

<p>Anon: I didn't say it was easy to get into but there were several people who got in from my school with 1200-1300's. They also didn't have great extracurricular's. Trust me I know Georgetown is a hard school, but I was just surprised by that rejection</p>

<p>awwhh..people that didnt get in anywhere with that great stats..i feel so sorry for you guys..
why dont u guys apply for spring? or apply some state schools then transfer..^____^</p>

<p>Yeah, I got into the honors programs there, and BU gave me $16,000 a year. Still, it stings, especially considering I didn't do as I could've done in high school, which is entirely my fault. To go from top scorer in a six state math competition in middle school and the captain of a math team that was 5th in the state two years running, to barely squeaking into the top decile at my high school is personally disappointing. Idunno what I'll do, might take a year off, get my life in order and make another run at these schools, or I might go to BU or BC, shoot for a 4.0 and try to transfer.</p>

<p>And for the test scores I didn't list:</p>

<p>MathIIC: 800 (junior year)
Physics: 780 (junior year)
Biology (M): 770 (freshman year)
Writing: 720 (junior year)
Chemistry: 660 (sophomore year)</p>

<p>AP US History: 5 (junior year)
AP European History: 5 (sophomore year)</p>

<p>I have to say I also think that is very bizarre. With your scores to not get into that many schools? At the very least I would expect waitlists...</p>

Many students would kill to get into BC or BU. Try and be opened minded and realistic. You'll meet students at either that chose that school over an IVY because of a number of factors especially the merit scholarships helping to tip the scales.The top 20% at either of these schools with have stats comparable to the middle stats for the ivy or other top 1/10 of 1% of the world type school that you didn't get into. While others will have stats well into the 1500s too. There are advantages to Honors Programs ---excellent opportunities for special classes, projects, research and internships. There is something to be said for being in an academically challenging environment but not one where you have such intense academics that you forego a social life to make it into the middle of the pack. Last year, our s chose BU Honors over Tufts, Cornell, and NYU which were more competetive. His friend picked Del. Honors over PENN due to the merit aid.Many midddle class kids that do not qualify for need based aid are choosing to attend schools that offer merit scholarships because 175K is not a small amount of $.By saving the half tuition our s has a leg up for paying for Grad School plus this summer he'll attend one of their numerous BUSummer Abroad Programs for 7 wks and it turns out his merit status will likely provide some scholarship money for that too. I realize you are disappointed but there is a saying that by Halloween all Freshman consider the school they are attending as their best fit and # 1 choice. You might be surprised. BC is a fantatic school as well. Do they have an Honors Program?</p>