Rejected from JHU ED, desperate for safeties, matches, and reaches?

<p>So I got rejected from JHU yesterday, it was the most devastating moment of my life because I had better expectations and I had my heart set on JHU. Now, I need to create a list of safeties, matches, and a few reaches as well. I live in NY, so I will consider a few SUNY schools and maybe CUNY.</p>

<p>Weighted GPA: 96.611
Ranking: 28 out of 228
Classes:One class from 8th grade counts because it was honors: Pre-Algebra: B
9th grade-
World History-A
10th grade-
AP World-A (4 on the test)
AP Euro-A (4 on the test)
Honors Chem:A
Honors Italian-A
Honors Algebra II/Trig:B
Honors English-A
Public Speaking-A
11th Grade-
AP Statistics- A (3 on test)
AP U.S.-A (4 on test)
AP Lang.-B (3 on test)
AP Chem- A (4 on test)
Honors Pre-Calc-B
Honors Physics- A
Honors Italian- A</p>

<p>Classes I'm currently taking as a senior:: AP Bio, AP Italian, AP Literature, AP Calc BC, AP Government, and Science Research</p>

<p>Sat I- 2100: M:680, CR: 660, W:760
I want to major in Chemistry and follow the pre-med track.</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
-9th through 12th grade: foreign language club. Treasurer in 9th grade and 12th and secretary in 10th.
-Science club: 10th through 12th. currently V.P.
-Mock trial: 11th and 12th
-National junior honor society: 9th-11th
-National honor society- 12th (secretary)
-started a club that raises money to build schools in developing countries. possibility that I might go to a developing country to build a school- member, president 12th grade, and founder of the chapter at my school. I am heavily involved w/ this and wrote my essay about this, volunteering in India, and my dream to be a doc.</p>

-summer of 10th grade: Blind Association in India for 3 weeks
-my local hospital for 15 hours
-so far I have 50 hours from the nonprofit I'm working w/ to start my club.</p>

<p>Ok, so what degree are you trying to pursue?</p>

<p>Cornell. Check out Human Ecology and Ag & Life Sciences in addition to Arts & Sciences. Those two divisions will be significantly less expensive for you as a NYS applicant. Ithaca isn't as big a city as Baltimore, but no other university in the country offers the breadth of options that Cornell does.</p>

<p>Is financial aid needed?</p>

<p>Yes, financial aid is needed, but cost isn't a huge factor. I want to pursue a BS degree and major in Chemistry in the pre-med track. My SAT II's- Chem: 730, Math Level II: 710, and U.S. History (might not submit): 650</p>

<p>You can go anywhere to do a pre med track. </p>

<p>Your stats put you in that borderline zone. Not high enough for the top school-being outside the top 10% is a major issue. You're also in an extremely competitive pool as an Indian student from NY. </p>

<p>So I think you need to look at schools that will appreciate your stats and don't get a lot of applicants from your pool. And schools that would give you money. They would largely be LACs in the South and MW. Schools like Rhodes, Rollins, St. Olaf, Richmond, Kalamazoo.</p>

<p>I'm looking for a competitive school as a match. Do you think I have a shot at Cornell or Rice? If not, can you guys help me create matches, reaches, and safeties?</p>

<p>"Yes, financial aid is needed, but cost isn't a huge factor."</p>

<p>What exactly, does this mean? If financial aid is needed, by definition the final cost is a huge factor! Also, since you are pre-med, you want to keep your undergraduate costs (and especially your undergraduate loan burden) as low as possible so that you can pay for med school.</p>

<p>There are a number of threads on guaranteed merit-based aid in the Financial Aid Forum. Start with this one and see if anything looks like it could work for you: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>It's December 16th. You have about 14 days to get applications done for Jan 1 deadlines. When you find schools, separate those with Jan 1 deadline from those with later deadlines. </p>

<p>You must have been thinking about this before today. Doesn't your school have a required lead time in getting out transcripts and recommendations?</p>

<p>Your strengths - decent grades. Your weakness - SAT CR+M 1340 - too low for the most competitive colleges. ECs look fine. AP exams don't make you stand out either but show that you challenge yourself. Nothing that will be a hook, but enough to show that you have a life outside of school and will contribute to the campus culture.</p>

<p>Let's start with what's on your list already. You must have done some interviews and other things. What's your current plan?</p>

<p>Ok, so I am considering financial aid I'll just leave it at that. But suppose I get into a state school and a really competitive school somewhere else, I would go to the competitive school and not really look at how much money I'm getting. My current plan in high school is to focus on maintaining my grades, while keeping up with my ECs and various leadership positions.</p>

<p>Also, should I get my essays checked over by a professional company that reads college essays?</p>

<p>Your HS GC is a professional who reads your essays for free.</p>

<p>At my school, the GCs are useless. They don't read our essays and sit down to edit them. They can barely put together the envelope without our help.</p>

<p>I meant what's your plan in terms of applying to colleges. You've submitted no other applications, gone on no interviews, arranged for no transcripts to be sent?</p>

<p>You seem to be looking for a way to get into a school that's just not likely to happen. Take the SAT in January and see if you can do better, but your time is better spent applying to schools where your SAT is in range, or where they have another reason to ignore your SAT. I think the comment about applying in the south and midwest is good. What about places like Oberlin, Grinnell, Beloit, Knox, Lawrence, Wake Forest, etc. I know Oberlin really wants Asians. They even pay to fly them out for a visit. </p>

<p>Pick places on this list
Need-blind</a> admission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>

<p>Forget about getting professional essay readers. You need to find matches and safeties. Do you have no list to date? Did you have all of your eggs in the JHU basket?</p>


<p>Cornell is a great suggestion by happymomof1. As for Hopkins, your SATs are well within their range and also that of many other competitive schools. My son has also applied to Hopkins (RD), but for physics and not pre-med. My understanding is that over 1/3 of Hopkins' applicants to the College want pre-med, which makes this track very hard to get into. Some other ideas of selective schools to look at where you would be a good fit: Rice (looking to diversify beyond Texas); Wake Forest (your profile matches their medians very closely and this is an upcoming school with lots of money and a beautiful campus); University of Rochester; and RPI. Lots of additional options in your area if you are interested in LACs--Colgate, Kenyon, Lafayette, Lehigh, and Davidson are a few that come to mind.</p>

<p>I've submitted 7 other apps to colleges so far, besides JHU. This is my list of all schools I'm considering so far, and I know most of these are difficult to get into. Btw, I have a sibling who goes to NYU, so I don't know if that increases my chances.
Baylor/ Rice combined 8 yr. medical program
St. Bonaventure medical program
BU- med program and regular decision
case western reserve- med program
union college- med program
macaulay honors
Sophie Davis- CUNY med program
Michigan Tech- med program
U of Kentucky College of Medicine- med program
Brooklyn College- CUNY med program
Stony brook- SUNY RD and WISE- a special program for women in science and engineering</p>

<p>Muckdogs, There is no pre-med program at JHU. Students can study any subject before entering med school; they just need to complete certain subjects. The OP's SATs were a little low for the school. The schools you suggest are some good alternatives.</p>

<p>OP, if FA is needed how does your sibling attend NYU? Is the FA needed because of that? A sibling should help you because alumni relation is important. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Cornell A&S is a real stretch with your class rank (<top decile) and test scores. And since you are a NY resident, applying to CALS is a no-brainer for the instate tuition break. But any program at Cornell is still a stretch.</p>

<p>Combined programs at OOS schools ain't happening. And the other Ivies (and Rice) are highly unlikely with your numbers. NYU is probable if you can pay full freight (NYU is not known for being generous).</p>

<p>I'm somewhat surprised that JHU didn't bite on ED, and that you were flat out rejected. Time to look critically at your essay and recs.</p>

<p>Rochester? Emory? Wake is a good idea as well, but it doesn't meet full need.</p>

<p>Another thing: if you really are considering med school, then it is probably better to save money in undergrad. It makes no sense to pay full sticker just for NYU's name.</p>

<p>Erin's Dad,</p>

<p>You are 100% correct that Hopkins, like most selective schools, does not have a pre-med major, but instead has a track of pre-med classes, and I did not mean to imply that it had such a major. That is not to say, however, that Hopkins does not try and figure out which applicants have an interest in pre-med. Indeed, the first essay question on the application asks the candidate to discuss two areas of academic interest, leaving plenty of room for someone to talk about pre-med. I suspect that Hopkins wants to know this because historically so many Hopkins students have pursued the pre-med track (and get weeded out) and because Hopkins is rightfully proud of its many strong academic departments and wants students genuinely interested in non-medical fields.</p>

<p>I think those suggesting Cornell or any T20 school are not looking closely here. There is a 2100 score, but the CR plus math critical scores are low. Grades are just OK and the below 10% rank is a huge issue. Any ivy is highly unlikely. IMO they are not worth the time to write the essays given how little time is left and the need to focus on realistic schools.</p>

<p>I also think most of the medical programs are unlikely given the math score.</p>

<p>So on the list above I see one solid match-BU non medical, and zero safeties. NYU could be a second match given she has a sibling there.</p>

<p>I think you've been given some excellent school ideas here. It's clear you want a big name, and you need to figure out the best strategy to get into a good name school if that's your goal. You need to accept it will not be one of the really big names, but ask yourself if you'd like to end up at Oberlin over SUNY or BU.</p>

<p>And I disagree with those telling you not to hire someone to look over your essays. In your position two weeks before deadlines applying to a lot of reaches, a very dialed in essay will help a lot. I'm not sure you'll find a good one at this point in time however, the good ones have been booked for months.</p>