Religious Jewish life on campus

<p>I'm a rising senior from NYC looking into universities to apply to this fall. I am a religious Jew (modern Orthodox) but I go to public school and am not so aware of the Jewish life on college campuses. I plan on deferring for a year to study in Israel, so getting credit would be great but it's not necessary. I am looking for schools with kosher cafeterias, and a warm Orthodox community I can spend shabbos with. Additionally, can you request to have roommates that observe the sabbath or kosher? If you have any information on the religious Jewish life on the following schools it would be much appreciated. Thanks! P.S. I already know the statistics about which schools have many Jews, I am interested specifically on the religious life.</p>

<pre><code> Barnard Coll

SUNY Binghamton

Brandeis Univ

Brown Univ

Univ of Chicago

Columbia Univ

Cornell Univ

Emory Univ

Harvard Univ

Macaulay Honors College (CUNY Hunter)

UMD College Park

New York Univ

U of Pennsylvania

Princeton Univ

Yale Univ

Yeshiva Univ (a last resort)

<p>All top schools have active Jewish life, however why is Yeshiva a last resort? It seems like its exactly what you are looking for?</p>

<p>I can't see finding active Jewish life being a problem at any of those schools. I can personally comment on a few- I'm going to Binghamton and I'm already getting a ton of event invitations from Hillel and Chabad there. Hillel even has a freshman sleepover program at an upstate NY camp, during the days before school starts. They just built a new kosher kitchen, too. Brandeis, obviously, has a reputation for having a large Jewish presence. When I visited, I saw more than a few people wearing yarmulkes. The dining hall has two identical sides, one kosher and one non-kosher, and it's really easy to get good food and assimilate with people eating on the other side.</p>

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<p>There are many, many more to search on. There's also the Hillel website which will give you information on what minyanim meet, and how frequently. There should also be information on availability of kosher meal plans. </p>

<p>Look at the Hillel and Chabad websites. When you visit the campuses, visit the actual Hillel and Chabad, as well. Once you're an accepted student, many will be happy to set you up with Shabbat hospitality.</p>

<p>Ask your questions on the specific school forums here on CC, and also post on the parents forum asking what schools have a strong modern orthodox community.</p>

<p>Surprised that BU is not on your list - Niece is at BU after deferring for a year in Israel. They have large and active Hillel and Chabad, kosher dining hall, and campus is walking distance to Jewish neighborhood - plenty of kosher food available nearby/off campus. In addition to campus based activities , check out online community bulletin boards... ie: Ithaca and Binghamton don't have much Jewish community activity off campus.</p>