Required courses...

<p>Ok the app. asks what courses you have taken in 9-12 grades.</p>

<p>First of all, does it mean number of courses or number of years...Especially in the social studies fields most classes are only a semester long. I would have taken 2 in one year, while my calc class was a year long and only counts as 1. Yes or No?</p>

<p>Second of all, I don't meet the requirement for number of courses for english. I have 3 from high school (im graduating early) and one semester at a community college. Is that 4 or 3.5???</p>

<p>And finally, It asks for total number of courses, and then gives sub categories of honors and AP/IB. What is a college course AP/IB, honors or neither...I have and or am taking 9 total so i'd like to have them show up somewhere???</p>

<p>Thanks - sock</p>

<p>They are looking specifically at year-long courses.</p>

<p>What about a semester long college course. I say 1 MSU course = 2 HS courses anyday.</p>

<p>I dunno...they'll look at everything pretty thoroughly I would think.</p>

<p>Have your counselor write an explanation, that should straighten everything out.</p>