Residential students

<p>What are some fairly large/well-known schools with very high percentages of residential students? State-schools are fine, as well as privates. Not any small 2000 student body count LAC, but more like 5-10k+ student body</p>

<p>I read on Wikipedia, "Approximately 75% of all students, including many graduate students, live on campus, which is the largest percentage of residential students in the nation," about UConn. I have no clue how true that is considering a citation is still needed for that, but I'm looking for colleges with rates this high...</p>

<p>not a deciding factor, or anything! I'm just curious.</p>

<p>I live in NYC, I'm looking at schools in the NE...nothing below maryland :D.</p>



<p>SUNY Binghamton would fit. Cornell probably would. Any school out in the middle of nowhere would work. Many schools have apartment buildings for upper classmen (university owned), and anyplace you go, some people will drift toward off-campus apartments, but still, they will remain closeby. It sounds as if you should avoid large commuter schools, which would eliminate public university campuses that are near huge population centers.</p>

<p>UVermont, UNew Hampshire, UOregon, College of William & Mary, UC-Santa Cruz, SUNY-Geneseo, and some others are on the small side.</p>

<p>First, don't rely on Wikipedia for college information. Spend $15 and buy access to the US News & World Reports premium online edition which will allow you to do research using fairly reliable data.</p>

<p>UConn does not have the "highest percentage of residential students in the nation." There are plenty of liberal arts colleges where 90%+ of students live on campus. But since you asked about universities, here are a few with nearly that many: Vanderbilt (83%), Yale (88%), Duke (83%). Don't have time to look up these, but they're also a good bet for relatively high residential numbers: University of Rochester, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Dartmouth, Princeton.</p>