Retake a 760 Chemistry?

<p>Hey guys. I got a 760 on my chem SAT II the first time around. The only reason I didn't get an 800 was that there were two subjects that I hadn't covered in class (organic and nuclear chem) which we did in the month after the test :{ </p>

<p>So, I feel that I can get an 800 if I retake, but should I? Do colleges only look at the best SAT II scores, and do you think they'd value an 800 that much more over a 760? </p>

<p>Thanks a bunch!</p>

<p>Only retake it if you're POSITIVE you can score higher.</p>

<p>Where are you applying? If you feel you can get an 800, you could, although I don't see why it's necessary if the rest of your statistics are good.</p>

<p>Ok, let's say I'm 90-95% sure. Do you think that having an 800 vs. a 760 would be a great help?</p>

<p>I wouldn't bother. You're in the same grouping as people who score 800, though the number doesn't look as nice. If you have to take more Subject Tests, you could just take it in the same sitting, but I wouldn't go on purpose to retake Chemistry.</p>

<p>Don't retake a 760. It's a waste of time and money.</p>

<p>(I didn't retake my Math II C 760 and things worked out fine)</p>

<p>My other stats aren't too horrible: 2200 (740m,730cr,730w) SAT and 800 on IIC. Plus, I'm going to take the US history subject test in october, so that's where I would fit it in if I bothered.</p>

<p>I retook a 760 and got the same score lol</p>

<p>Lol, my SAT I is what needs improving, but I only got two questions wrong on the M and W section...:P oh well</p>


<p>fight till you drop. i havent taken them yet and already registered for a second date. you give up and you are out. the next ****er takes your place, your job, our girl your car.

<p>but it'd be a waste if you don't get a higher score.
and 760 is high.</p>

<p>i got a 780 in chem and 790s in ush and physics but i decided not to retake them. it seemed like a waste of money and time.</p>

<p>Why in the hell would you retake a 750+?</p>

<p>^because we're in College Confidential:)</p>

<p>I got into Harvard w/o overobsessing over my grades and stuff. Chances are people who do that dont get in. We want people who are smart, not try to look/be smart.</p>

<p>Okay, so the consensus seems to be not retake anything 750+? K then, I don't think I'll retake. But I just feel like I can get that stupid 800...grrrrr <em>shrugs</em></p>

<p>people like you make make me wanna give up on life, seriously</p>

<p>hey harv, could you post your stats so i can see what you had and what harvard looks for?</p>

<p>1600 SAT
8 AP's w/ all 5s on test
SAT2 Math 2C - 800
SAT2 Literature - 800
SAT2 Physics - 800
SAT2 Chemistry - 800</p>

<p>4.0 GPA UW
National Quiz Bowl
National Chemistry Olympiad
400+ Hours of Volunteer @ Hospital
Science Club, Computer Club, Quiz Bowl, Japanese Club, Model UN.</p>