Retaking SAT in the Fall for Ivy League


<p>I will be a high school senior when school starts in the fall.
June SAT I: 2210 (760 CR, 740 M, 710 W)
SAT II's: US History: 780, Chemistry: 740</p>

<p>Question 1: Is it too late to retake SATs in the fall (Oct. & Nov.) for the Ivy League?</p>

<p>Question 2: I'm planning to concentrate only on the SAT IIs the summer and expect a natural increase on the SAT I. In which months (Oct. and Nov.) should I take the SAT I and SAT II respectively in the fall, then?</p>

<p>Q1: It takes about a month for SAT results to come in. Take a look at college websites to see when their deadlines are, always consult the primary source.</p>

expect a natural increase on the SAT I.


That would be an unwarranted expectation IMO, SAT prep is what increases your scores significantly. A 4-5 month period of no prep could as easily result in a lower than a higher score. </p>

<p>Are you planning on applying to GT (only school that requires 3 SAT IIs) or Northwestern (recommends 3 SAT IIs)? If not, there's no reason to take more SAT IIs when you already have 2 with scores well over 700.</p>

<p>The 740 is not high enough and I will retake.</p>

<p>^^^ :rolleyes: </p>

<p>I see that you already asked Q1. College websites really are a useful tool and will give you the answers you need about procedural things like test dates.</p>

<p>The October test will be perfectly fine. But for the November one, you may have to send in the application before you get your scores back.</p>