Rice RD 2026

Nevermind. Letting my nerves get the best of me. Taking a much needed break from CC. :joy:


Unfortunately, as I learned the hard way with S22, students are supposed to book their own interviews in first come basis.

Don’t stress too much about interviews. My D did not submit her application until a couple of days before it was due. She indicated she’d like to interview when she applied but at that point it was way too late to get one. She was still accepted.

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did anyone get an email about the rice/baylor decision

The website says notifications will occur by April 1. If you have a basis for believing they’ll be received earlier, please post it as those who are waiting would find it most welcome.

Has anyone got email “A commitment to impact the Rice community”?

Our email was about “Rice Loves Houston”. Seems like they mix up the emails which is nice.


S22 had an interview. It was with a recent grad and did not seem to carry a lot of weight. It was fun though and he learned a lot.

My Son did

Not sure why different emails, not everyone got the same email.

What do the emails concern? My kiddo didn’t get one. Is this an issue?

I don’t think not getting an email is an issue or it might have gone to the spam folder.

Rice may send different emails to different applicants depending on their demographics, interests, etc. I wouldn’t read anything into them. These are plugs for the school. As far as I know, Rice does not send likely letters for RD admissions. Rice admissions will send out a notice a few days before the decisions are released informing the applicants of the date and time of the release. They send this by email, and post it on Instagram and Twitter. It is hard to be patient this time of year, but the decisions aren’t likely to come out until late March.


Thanks. Patience is a virtue that I need to work on developing. :grinning:

Do you know the date, or have a guess as to the date it may be? I know late March, but have they said anything else?

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No one knows the exact date at this point, but Rice has committed to notifying applicants by April 1 which generally translates into a late March date.


The Rice/Baylor decisions should have been released in January or February.

As previously mentioned, Rice’s website says decisions for Rice/Baylor will be released by April 1. Normally applicants would hear a few days before that date, but if you can document your claim that they should already be out, please post that documentation as those who are waiting would find it most welcome.

I saw a post on another board dated 1/29 where a parent stated her child was selected to interview for the Rice/Baylor program. I’m assuming if they were just notifying about interviews at the end of January that they didn’t make any final decisions that quickly.