Rice supplement help

<p>Rice board is kinda dead... can I sumbit rice app online or do I have to do it paper? I did all of my apps online already so if its paper do I have to request an app or print the PDF and fill it out or wat? Any help would be appreciated thx.</p>

<p>bump... cmon ppl</p>

<p>Check their website? call them?
Sorry I'm not much help :(</p>

<p>I used the online common app to submit the main Rice app, and then I sent Rice's supplement by paper. If you use the common app, go to the supplements tab and click on the link to print out the pdf forms for the "Freshman Common App Supplement." I think I read somewhere that you can only submit their supplement by paper even if you did the common app online, it might be because they give you a space to draw something in a box on the supplement.</p>