Roc,Lafa,Bucknell,MHC,Holy Cross--which one should I choose?

<p>something about myself: I'm an intl (Chinese). I will study bio or chem (but if I get good GPA I'll definitely study biomedical e or pre-med then). lol</p>

<p>I really don't know where to go because chem or bio in each school is very good ;(</p>

<p>Engineering and biology in Roc are the strongest but I'm worried about the job thing (I heard that most companies didn't go to UR to hire people any more ;( )</p>

<p>Bucknell and Lafa...(awww I think they are quite the same....I find getting a job will be easier if I go to Lafa but I seem to get along much better with Bucknell students...)</p>

<p>MHC is one of my fav's. It's environment, academic, and atmosphere are unbelievably good.</p>

<p>Holy Cross....yeah the BEST pre-med program~</p>

<p>Please give me some advice. Thank you so much!!</p>

<p>I really need help ;(</p>

<p>I’d go with MHC or URochester. MHC for the LAC with strong alumna network, great college town; URochester for the curriculum and emphasis on the sciences. </p>

<p>Were you accepted to these schools or are just interested in applying to them? </p>


<p>To laurapb23:</p>

<p>I was accepted. ;)</p>

<p>They are all pretty close in reputation so it really depends on the environment you want. Rochester sounds to be a great fit and is probably a little more diverse in student body than the others. Holy Cross is trying but they are still white, Catholic. MHC is a great area for students. Good luck. </p>

<p>MHC will be the most diverse (check out college data + Mount Holyoke, or any other college name, and scroll to the last sections).</p>

<p>@laurapb23 @MYOS1634 I have narrowed down my choice between U of R, MHC, and Bucknell. I think although Holy Cross is very warm (love its reception and banquet in China but I can’t go there because it’s far away from the place I live…)and its program for intl students is good, but I won’t pick it if I really want to study bio or engineering. And Lafayette…after talking to some of the seniors there I realize that I can’t fit in very well.
However, there’re still some questions remained…
If I figure out I want to study engineering in the future, I can only go to schools those have engineering schools (like U of R or Bucknell) or take part in the 3+2 engineering program. MHC doesn’t have an engineering department but it has two programs with Caltech and Dartmouth. (But I’ve heard some people said that these programs are not so good, and I’m worried about that. Also, the biology in MHC is weaker than that in Roc or Bucknell.)
Despite the fact of academic, MHC has more opportunities and I like that idea.
So generally, I can’t give up each of them…</p>

<p>it’s so much the programs aren’t good, that few students complete them. Most seniors don’t want to leave their college to go to another one and get a degree in engineering elsewhere. However, nothing prevents you from trying and doing it.
(In my opinion, 4+1 programs are better… but I wonder if you could write MHC and ask them whether you take on the opportunity of the program to complete your degree and have a more direct admission to the engineering programs at these two schools?)</p>