RocketReview vs. Gruber

<p>Which book will help you raise more on your SAT score: RocketReview or Gruber?</p>

<p>RocketReview, used together with Grammatix</p>

<p>How expensive are RRR and Grammatix? How possible points can they raise on your score?</p>

<p>Grammatix = $50 , RR is like $12 from amazon ($30 from barnes and noble)</p>

<p>wow, i don't think i can buy grammatix</p>

<p>No, the old (November 2004) edition of RR is about $12 on both amazon and Barnes and Noble.</p>

<p>The new one (September 2005, it isn't out yet) is about $20-25 on both.</p>

<p>how many points can RR help you raise?</p>

<p>1800 points.</p>

<p>...What was that?</p>

<p>didn't the OP mention gruber's?</p>

<p>how is that book?</p>

<p>It's great for math and vocabulary. Horrible for critical reading - there isn't a chapter dedicated to it (though there is one for vocab and three for math) or any practice problems aside from the practice tests.</p>

<p>I need to increase my CR dramatically like 100-200 points.</p>

<p>I need to increase mine 100 points at LEAST before I can possibly feel happy (yeah, I'm feeling hardcore right now). That's why I'm seriously considering Grammatix. I'd do anything.</p>

<p>is all the info in grubbler's basically covered in the blue book and grammatrix?</p>

<p>Gruber's focuses on math and vocabulary. Grammatix focuses on strategy, especially for critical reading. The blue book is only good for practice tests, I hear.</p>

<p>Save your money unless you are looking for a third or 4th resource. The Grammatix website portrays itself as what it is. See for yourself.</p>

<p>Its a great book. Better than most other SAT books</p>

<p>If CR is your concern use grammatix. Read xiggi's post on the matter or someone who has actually bought the book, not some pundit who judges its content buy its website and/or business model.</p>

<p>this is so confusing! some people say RRR, some say Gruber, and other say Grammatix.</p>

<p>Gruber is not going to help you with CR at all!</p>

<p>Grammatix and RRR both excellent reputations. To me, just because the CR is what I need to improve the most, Grammatix sounds best to me. Supposedly Grammatix has excellent essay strategies too.</p>